Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fish Curry

Okay, this is not really a completed recipe since I am yet to find the perfect combination / measurements for it. Right now, I still need Rizal to help me with the tasting to tell me what to adjust. So.. Kalau x sedap.. consider yourself warned okie.

As usual lets start with ingredients. Pretty basic stuff:
1. Oil
2. Salt
3. Red Onions (pound coarse)
4. Garlic (pound coarse)
5. Curry leaves
6. Tomatoes (cut into four)
7. Asam Jawa (mix with water)
8. Curry powder (I use Baba's or Aligappa. Mix with water)
9. Fish (suitable fish: tenggiri, small kembong, bawal hitam (cut))

And here are the Optional things you can add on:
1. Lady's fingers
2. Coconut milk
3. Green Chillies

As you know there are different variation and type of curry, and the recipe I am sharing here was given to me by Rizal's mum.

This time I used ikan temenung. One of Rizal's favorite. According to him the fish meat is sweet thats why he likes it. Since I dont eat fish curry I just take his word for it

We have a Karipalley plant, so I just took the curry leaves from our plant ;). A hint on choosing the leaves, pick the old ones, it gives better flavor

Okie dokie, lets get rolling.

1. Heat the oil. Sautee onions, garlic and curry leaves

2. Once browned, then add curry powder mix

3. Let it dried up, until the oil surfaced. Org panggil naik minyak.

4. Add Lady's Fingers if you like. Also if want to put in santan, this is when you add it. I didnt put any santan. Just lady's fingers

5. Add the asam jawa mix, then tomatoes. Bring to boil

6. Finally, add the fish. Allow the fish to gently simmer, not actually boil, or the outside will break into pieces before the inside is done.

7. Once mixed well, that's it. Turn off the heat and serve!