Friday, April 30, 2010

Iron Man 2


Its movie night again!!

It feels like this blog has fast becoming a movie blog.. tee hee hee... thats becos I dun really have any other interesting stories to tell + I am so lazy to write... hehe

Anyway, Iron man 2 was released this week. Being a movie fan of course we didnt waste anytime to catch it. As usual we purchased tix online, and can you imagine, it was 90% sold already - whats left was just front 3 rows, boleh? (btw we purchased on Thursday for Friday show).

We watched midnight show which starts at 12:10AM. Dont know recently my eyes just shuts off at around 10 or 11-ish. So during the course of the show, of course I was battling to be awake - at least for the 1st half of the show.

The movie plot is quite simple, its about Iron Man highly inflated ego- and one disgruntled ex-partner of his father trying to revenge by creating other ironman clones to destroy IronMan.. For me, the movie was just okay-ish. I thought the first one was better.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The losers


This is one more comic made to the big screen. You can check out the synopsis from GSC here:
A highly skilled CIA team is attacked by their own agency and left for dead. They set out to learn why they were betrayed, and to avenge the wrong, as well as other injustices they encounter.

For me, it was entertaining. The storyline is quite straightforward, but what made it good is that they have just enough actions and surprises and tricks. So folks if you havent seen it, this one wont disappoint

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When In Rome


Okay this is what we watched last saturday...

How was it? It was enjoyable, nothing to shout about though. The main character is darn cute... so nevermind the cliche sometimes ridiculous storyline, at least I get to ogle at the hero's cute face.. teee hee hee...

Uh and guess who I met...:::

MR 3300!! and with new paint... new seats... new tail lights... wow... new owner certainly takes good car of this baby :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Endless Love


I was watching Glee.. and they were making a rendition of Endless Love..

hmm... nuttin much to say. Beautiful.

Today is wednesday


which means its Pasar Malam day!

You know I havent been to pasar malam for ages before this. Agaknya last time I went was like I'm 12 or so. Anyhoot, Taman Maluri have one every wednesday, so after we moved here about a year ago, we came across the Pasar Malam and decided to check it out. And ever since then, I am like hooked to it.. sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi

Okay so what is so great about Pasar Malam? One thing, you can get good bargain. Second, convinience - you get like all things jumbled in one place. Three, takyah pikir nak makan or masak apa today sebab ada banyak choice kat Pasar malam.. hehe

Nevertheless, strange as it may seem - given the fact that there is just so much variety of things sold there, I always ended up with about the same things every week. Nak tahu tak apa..

1. Jagung bakar (yep its on of my fav food)
2. Bihun Soup (this one kadang2 bihun soup, kadang2 laksa but both at same stall)
3. Fresh veggie

Kadang2, I would get apam balik. This one also have always been my favorite.. and kat mana lagi nak dapat apam balik kan kalau tak kat Pasar Malam/Pasar Tani.. hehe

Anyway. That is not what I wanted to blab about, today I bought ingredient for tomorrows dinner. Tak tahu lagik nak cook apa, but most likely meatballs + mushroom pasta

So the things I bought today:
1. meatballs
2. button mushroom
3. coriander leaves

dan lain2..

So peeps, we'll see what turns out tomorrow. Ta!

Lemons and lime pun beli jugak.... (missed my nikkie, havent been taking any good pix lately..)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sotong Grill Portugese


Tonight we have nothing else in the freezer except Sotong, burgers and sausage. I dont really feel like eating heavy but at the same also tarak idea what to make.

Anyway as usual I turn to internet to find interesting recipe. And... suddenly teringat that delicious Ikan Pari Portugese I frequented at Pavillion. So I decided to make it.

Searched somemore for recipe, this time with specific one in mind. Jumpa la this one resipi:

1 ekor ikan siakap (jun guna ikan pari)
3 sudu besar cili kering kisar
2 buah keras-kisar
6 biji bawang merahkisar
2 ulas bawang putih-kisar
1 serai-kisar
sedikit lengkuas-kisar
3 daun limau purut-hiris
3 sudu makan minyak bawang putih(cara2 kat bawah)
1 sudu penuh garam
1 sudu penuh gula
foil (jun letak daun pisang sket)

untuk minyak bawang putih-ambil 6 ulas bawang putih, tumbuk ngan kulit2nya (jun, buang kulit dia..heheh). panaskan 1/2 cawan minyak, tumis bawang putih tadi hingga garing. sejukkan.
ikan dibersihkan, kelar2 sket. campurkan semua bahan kisar bersama garam n gula. letak ikan atas foil, gaul ngan campuran bahan kisar tadi. tuang minyak bawang putih n tabur daun limau. tutup foil n bakar hingga masak.

Original recipi taken from here

Anyway, so I try la... tapi with a lil modification. I dun have daun limau purut and sengkuas so I skipped those. I also added a bit of udang kering since the one at Pavi ada taruk.

So here's my ingredients:

The sotong


These you blend (I usually slice first so it'll blend well)

Dun forget the Udg Kering. Kalau yg macam Pavi tu, they just put in just like that, but I decide to blend it together.

I dont have a Griller, so pakai Grill Pan je la

STEP ONE: Slice the Sotong

STEP TWO: Add in the blended stuff, oil (3 sudu), pinch of salt and sugar

STEP THREE: Gaul2 together

STEP FOUR: Wrap it with Foil

STEP FIVE: After a while, bukak sikit to let it cook

And my final verdict..?

1. Sangat pedas. So I must reduce the chilli
2. Tak cukup masam. So I must add a bit more asam (but maybe sebab Lime dah abis pakai yellow lemon)
3. Maybe should add a bit of belacan, cos its quite bland
4. Udang kering tu I think next time takyah blend but just put in kot.

So overall... can eat la.. but definitely a lot to improve.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clash Of the Titans


This is a remake I suppose of the longtime movie. Its not really my cup of tea but then there is nothing else showing on the cinema, so tengok je la

Since I didnt watch the first one, I cant exactly compare. In terms of cast , I think they are all okay. This movie is all about action, takde emotion-emotion nor does it have humour stuff (which would have been my preferences)

I am sure we are all familiar with the storyline, Its about the Perseus the half mortal. He was raised by a fishermen and his wife and never knew his true origins. Until the day after his family was killed by the underworld God - Hades, who were actually creating chaos for humans for their blatant disrespect of the Olympians.

In his pursue to revenge the death of his family, he discovered that he is in fact the son of Zeus the King of Gods, and was asked by the people of Argos to save Andromeda and kill the Kraken. There he goes saving the world by killing Medusa and finally claimed Andromeda.

These greek god mythology never really interests me, so pardon the mistakes or errors in this review. For those who would want to know more about this Greek mythological figures, you could check it out here.
And not forgetting click here if you want a proper review of Clash of the Titans.