Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hospital wooes


I was reading this article this morning - yet another write up about the Singaporean died due hit-and-run in JB.

Now, I am not gonna lament on the tragic case it self nor about how it was wrongly reported out of proportion.

Just wanted to share and express what my experiences with public (government) hospitals itself.

I dont know about you, but I am just an average citizen. 

I earn fairly decent and enough to live comfortably. Not lavishly, but comfortably. Medical expenses are covered by my company and at this age Alhamdulillah I am still blessed with good health and have not had any major incidences in my life that requires frequent trip to the hospitals.

Having said that, as my age catching up, so are others close to me. In recent years sadly I have had to frequent the local hospitals as my loved ones were there.

My thoughts before were like most people who never had to spend considerable amount of time in local hospital - Government hospitals are inferior and private are better.

Those frequent visits in a way changed and opened my eyes.

One. Our government hospitals definitely are the ones that are better equipped when it comes to more advanced treatment. Both in terms of specialists and required tools.

Two. Unlike private hospitals, government hospitals medical staff have seen a whole lot more cases and therefore in my humble opinion (read: non-expert) would have had more experience.

Three. Newer built hospitals like Ampang hospital and Serdang to name a few are fairly comfortable almost like private hospitals.

Four. You won't ever get turned down. Regardless of the availability of beds, money or what not.

And finally, so far I have never really had any bad encounter with any of the medical staff. In fact, I would say almost all of them are really kind and polite. Of course some are more helpful than others, but really it is not something to complain about - not to the point where I would label them as incompetent. In any case this happens everywhere not just in medical line.

What is more important to realise is that you cannot have unrealistic expectations. Yes, you think your case is urgent but really if you look around, you will see that there are others that are in much dire need of help.

So, for me, I am always just thankful that I have the comfort of knowing that if I ever needed medical care when I am old (retired) or if I am without money, its there available to me. Even though it could be a tad longer wait or less fancy ward - at least I know I could get medical help rather suffer or left to die without any medical treatment. Or worst, die of heart attack upon seeing my (hefty) bill...

Once, when my mum admitted at the hospital, I was at the vending machine outside her ward to get a cup of coffee.
There was already a doctor there trying to juggle between her bags and many files (presumably her patient files). So I offered to get her drink but she refused politely. I left to go to the other vending machine instead not wanting to wait.
When I came back she was still there searching high and low in her purse and so I went near her and again offered to buy it for her. She took it finally as I insisted, profusely thanked me and looked really embarrassed. I told the good doctor not to worry about it, in fact I am the one who should be thanking her - for all the saving lives work or getting others better. So thank you all Doctors and Medical Staff whereever , whoever you are!