Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whats there in Temerloh???


Over the weekend, with full anticipation I went with Hubby to his friend's wedding in Temerloh. With high hopes I brought along my camera, dreaming of capturing amazing photos along the way, or Temerloh town. Sadly, I didnt take any shot of Temerloh at all. For one thing, we did not detour or go anywhere there is attraction in Temerloh. Pressed by time, we only went to the wedding and back. Secondly, it was stinkin hot, that I could not be bothered to be outside of the comfortable zone of the car. So,.. in the end, there was just one worthy shot I took, which was taken on the Lancang R&R (eastbound). It was a shot of Jambu batu at one of the stalls (see accompanied photo)
All in all, the trip wasnt really eventful, except that it marked my first time to the district of Temerloh.
Hopefully our next roadtrip to Penang is more exciting.