Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kari ikan (fish curry)


This recipe is measured for one piece of bawal

Tried and tested, finally one that works. (I actually had it for a while already, but didnt have the guts to try it out.  I jotted this down when sis (or was it mama) cooked it. This time I made sure I had exact measurements. So please excuse the unconventional way of my measuring - main hentam whatever that came to mind to describe the amount.

10 x Bawang merah 
5 x bawang putih
Rempah kari 2 small packets 
Rempah ratus 1 small packet
Minyak - about 10 cm depth 
Asam jawa - a size of pingpong ball
Daun kari - 2 sprigs
2 x bawang besar cut quarter
2 x tomato cut quarter
One piece of bawal
Salt to taste
Sprinkles of course black pepper

1. Blend or slice thinly bawang besar and bawang putih
2. Heat the oil, and put in bawang blended/sliced
3. Make a paste out of the curry powder and rempah ratus.
4. Add the curry leaves, the curry paste once the shallots are lightly browned. 
5. Cook the curry paste until oil is separated from the mix ( orang melayu panggil naik minyak)
6. Get tbe juice out of the asam and add in
7. Add in a bit of water and the fish
8. If you want to put santan, this is when you add it in
9. Bring to boil and salt to taste
10. Add in quarted tomato and onions
11. Leave to cook for another few minutes, add water if too thick
12. Lastly add in the ladyfingers and blackpepper sprinkles

I am sooo over the moon finally I can cook a decent fish curry :)

Chalking business gone awry


I stepped up from the chalk business and found these cool chalk bistro marker.

I bought these from Daiso. Bistro markers arent something that is easily come by in this part of the world. Had a toughtime hunting these demons down. Though I know crafthaven in 1utama sells them as well - In limited colors and quantity of course.

In theory, they are perfect. No dust, doesnt easily come off, writes like a pen/marker therefore more refined and clearer writings, blah blah blah..

In actual fact, it is a nightmare to clean.

See what i mean??

This picture above - was after i tried in vain to: 

1. Rub it with water (as what the suggested method to clean)
2. Rub it with glass cleaner
3. Rub it with more concentrated ammonia

And it just wouldnt come off!!!

It is sooo frustrating. My new kitchen writing board is ruined - just like that.

I really dont know how else to wipe it off. So if you people have some tips please please please share them with me.

Finally found on the web someone suggested Acetone. That works, except that it also rubs off a part of the chalk paint. See the black marks on the cloth?

But I guess thats better nothing. 

Looks like I gotta stick with good ol' fashion chalks after all

Daging Masala (Beef Masala)


To be honest I didnt know what the daging masala is supposed to taste like. I bought serbuk masala at a whim and since I had it at home i just google up for recipe to try it out.

Google came up with a few hit and the first few links had the same recipe but different sites. I have no idea which one is the original recipe owner so I'm just gonna credit one of it (the first link).

Okay below is my modifications of the original recipe, cause I didnt have some of the ingredients.

400 gram daging tanpa tulang
Cooking oil
1 batang kulit kayu manis+2 kuntum bunga lawang

1/4 biji bawang besar - i use whole onion, because I found more onions gave better flavor)
2 ulas bawang putih
2 inci halia
1 sudu kecil jintan manis - skipped this cause didnt hv any
6 tangkai cili kering

2 sudu kecil rempah garam masala
1 sudu besar serbuk rempah kari
2 sudu besar serbuk rempah korma

1 cawan santan  pekat
2 biji kentang
1 cawan air
2 sudu besar kicap manis
1 sudu besar kicap pekat - i use light soy

Step 1
Blend onions, garlic, cili kering, ginger

Step 2
Tumis kayu manis and bunga lawang, together with blended items

Step 3
Meanwhile make a paste from the masala, curry and kurma powder. Add to the tumisan

Step 4
Once mixed well, add in the meat. I added a bit of water to simmer a bit because my meat wasnt the best cut

Step 5
Once it dried up, add in the coconut oil, water, potato, and kicap. Once it has boiled over twice, or when the meat and potato is ready, add salt to taste. 

I quite like it, and this recipe is definitely a keeper. Would not mind making it again. And maybe next time I will try it with crab - i think it will be super.