Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Okay, here is what I did on a whim.

Well, not really a whim la cause I have always wanted to have one. Except that the ones I've seen so far are much more expensive than what I just bought.

Ta daaa

A sewing machine!

Usually I am skeptical with way below market price items. But this particular one has good reviews and quite a number of bloggers have actually used it and commended it.

Especially for newbie like me. So why not.

Apparently even if you don't know how to sew it doesn't really matter cause it has an auto sew function. Very useful I suppose for someone who is clueless like me.

On a sad note, arwah uwan used to sew all the time. And i learnt how to stitch from her. Sekarang uwan dah takde, dah takde sapa lagi nak bermanja nak mintak tolong jahit itu ini. Kena la buat sendiri :(

So nak jahit apa? okay so here is my list. Peeps please make sure I tick off at least one item per month ya.

1. Bed skirting . I already got Ikea sewing service to sort it for me. Yelah tak aci but tak kisah la kan.
2. Pillow case. For that big huge pillow.

Okay, I don't know why, but my mind isnt cooperating with me cos that is all that I could come out with. I know Ive got more things I wanted to experiment with but it just wont come to mind now. Hmm ape2 je la kan. You know you are already making stupid purchases the moment you click that 'Pay Now' button. :P