Thursday, July 29, 2010

one day to go...


and I am still 1.5KG away...

and to make it worst, I was h.u.n.g.r.y and was not content with the 2 slices of bread I had. Therefore...

and you know what, i just realised that i actually am fond of lemongrass.. I never knew that it is the lemongrass that made me liked tomyam, masak kuning and others. The flavor is just something that suits my tastebud.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is lunch. I made a deal with Rizal , if I loose 2kg during his absence, I'm gonna get something .... Hehe apalagi, so dengan berkobar-kobar i've skipped bfast, and now eating light lunch. And tis arvo i plan to jog.. Then swim to cool off... Haha see how

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I need a 'Tastera'


you know what people should invent next? a Tastera

A device that can capture taste. I had the best asam pedas daging today, cooked to perfection, just the way I like it. Its been ages since I had asam pedas daging, I think the last time I had it was when I was in my teens. Uwan sometimes make it, and to date, I havent been able to find any place / anyone who could beat uwan's Asam Pedas daging.

Of course I have asked uwan for the recipe, and of course I have attempted it. And each time, it became more failure than the last. The only way to actually learn it, I guess is by buying all the ingredient and make uwan physically show me. Which is a rather difficult, cos I hardly get to see and lepak with uwan these days. And when I do actually have the time to see the ol lady, I cant be expecting her to do chores. On top of that, Ayah cant take meat, so to cook it in my parents house is kinda unlikely. Kesian Ayah if he cant eat it. But I think I will have to make the effort. Maybe one of these days.

Back to what I was saying earlier, there I was at the restaurant having the Asam Pedas Daging, just the way uwan made it, I was thinking desperately how great it would have been if there was a device that can tell me what is the ingredient to that dish. I bet, if such device exist, it would beat Ipod, DSLR or iPad easily. It would have been easily been voted as the coolest gadget on earth. Imagine, to just be able to dip a device into a dish, and bam.... all the ingredients are listed, with EXACT measurements!. How cool is that..

But of course such item does not exist, and so I had to just resort to examining each of the visible item in there. What I can deduce, ada lemongrass, ada daun limau, blended cili (presumably cili merah), ada rasa masam2 sikit which I think could be from assam jawa. That is all that I could surmise. How much to put, how long to cook, what other to put, all is a mystery to me.

So today, I made a promise to myself, one of these day, I will take leave, and I will get uwan to teach me how to make it!!!! Let us pray that it will be a reality soon and I can capture the recipe here for the benefit of all.

Till then..... sabar sabar aje la... sigh........


UPDATE: I have found a recipe on the net, though it is for tetel, I think meat would substitue just fine. Will try it one day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My korean CDs



My collection of korean cds!! specially brought in from Seoul
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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Backup Plan & Despicable Me


Last week we watched two movies: The backup Up plan and Despicable Me.

The Backup Plan
I didnt have high expectation on this movie cos many reviews rated this movie badly. Having no other movies to watch, we decided to just go for it.

In my opinion, the movie wasnt that bad. I didnt like the beginning part, cos I thought JLo was being over perasan a bit. Granted, I loved how she looked tall and slim in the movie, made me wished I am back in my ol' size..

Thank God the movie moving along for the better as it progressed. It wasnt totally funny, but there are few amusing scenes.

Overall, the movie is quite ok to me. Maybe I'll rate it 5.5 over 10.

Despicable Me
Watched this one last saturday. I still cant quite decide if I liked this movie or not. For a movie classified in comedy category, this one didnt really tickle me. Sure, there were few funny parts, but I thought not enough.

My rating? erm, 4 over 10 kot.

iPad... where art thou?


I want an iPad!!!!!!!

Hisham came over last weekend and I asked him to bring along his iPad. Best sungguh jadi Hisham ni, ada je dapat all sorts of sponsored gadget. Maybe I should ask him to sell it to me. But then, I need to save money.... Hmm. Camana tu.

Anyway, after seeing and holding it meself, I was surprised to find that it is smaller than what I thought. For some reason I actually thought that it is like an A4 size. Anyway, so it is slightly smaller than I thought but it is still a good size. Especially to browse internet and read books. I didnt try playing game cos he didnt have any games on his. So I cant say much of how it would be though I have a feeling that it would be even better than ipod touch.

The beauty of ipad is that you can actually connect using 3G and wifi. So if I have a sim, I can practically access from anywhere. Even at Yusof, on the road, anywhere. Lovely!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010



Sorry folks. I wanted to blog tonight but my notebook has been taken hostage. Sigh.

Monday, July 05, 2010



This is my car wash shop

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Apple with Cream Cheese


While I am at it, I continued my meal with one of my favorite dessert / snacks..

Maybe its the cool weather, what a lovely sunday... :)

Ops back to the Apple Cream Cheese.. Its so easy to make. All you need is:

Apple (as crunchy as possible)

Cream Cheese

Cut both Cream Cheese and apples into cubes, and put it all in a bowl

That's it!!!

Its sooo yummy, the way I like to eat it, I take one piece of apple with one piece of the cheese. Superb. The sweetness of the apple mixed with the creamy taste of the cheese... just heavenly.

Btw, you could also substitute the Cream Cheese with Strawberry CheeseCake from Baskin Robbins.

it is a must try, you won't regret it

Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla)


I fell inlove with Thai fish cake was when I was studying in Sydney. This friend of ours (of Thai origin but born and bred aussie) whose parent runs Thai restaurant in North Sydney have been generous to provide us with authentic Thai food. Every now and then, when we were studying or doing our group assignments, he would order in food from his parents restaurant. One of the must-haves was Thai fishcake.

After coming back here, I noticed that most of our local Tomyam restaurant (yg bukak malam2 tu) dont have it on their menu. Only the posh dine in ones like Sri Ayutthaya have them, usually as starters. But the price... er.. lets just say, not really the kinda money I would want to pay for the 2-3 miserable pieces.

Anyway, since it is not easy to come by, I thought I would try and make it myself, since I have one siakap been sitting in my freezer for more than two weeks already and no longer fresh enough for steam fish. So dengan gigihnya I went on the net to search the recipe for Thai Fish Cake, or Tod Mun Pla (in thai).

There are quite a number of recipes found, ranging from as easy as 2-3 ingredients to complicated ones with one whole page of steps and ingredients. I decided to mix and match the recipe, keeping the main ingredients (which found on most recipe) and adding here and there.

What I came up with:

Blend well:
-white fish flesh (taken whole from Siakap)
-corn flour, about 2 teaspoons
-1 beaten egg
-kaffir lime leaves (2-3 pieces, sliced thinly before blend)
-roughly chopped coriander leaves
-thinly sliced lemon grass (very little, like 6-7 slices)
-tumeric powder (1 1/2 teaspoon)
-cilipadi 2 biji (sliced thinly)

Once it was blended well, add in the thinly sliced green bean.

Make it into balls, and then flatten before frying in pan

And the result.... Wallla....


Me: 'hmmm.. not bad.. at least the taste is there'

rizal said ...' wow.. i'm impressed...'

So I guess jadi la jugak my first attempt of Thai fish cake. Next time boleh cuba lagi, and perfecting it.

p/s sorry I didnt snap any photos of the cooking process, kitchen and me were quite messy, plus I wasnt sure if it turned out alright. Next I promise there will be photos, and exact measurements of the ingredients. Yg kat atas tu, main hentam je...