Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have finally decided to take my beloved ol' keyboard to my Pod

You see this keyboard and me has gone a long way. Long long way. This was the very first luxurious thing I bought with my first pay. It has costed me around AUD800, and of course at that time 0.8K is a big deal. To me at least.

So there I was, visiting that little shop located on the 1st floor of that building facing QVB, almost each week. I used to go there and play with the pianos, keyboards and organs that they have displayed. I have missed playing my old trusty yahama organ from back home.

Finally when I have saved enough money, I think about two months after I started my industrial training - I became the proud owner of the Technic SX-KN750 (er was it the other way round, nvm..)

When I came back here, naturally I brought along my baby, and it has graced my rented apartment in USJ. Until, I bought myself a secondhand piano. WHich then went kaput

Anyway to cut the long story short - now its back with me. But sadly my fingers arent what it used to be. I have forgotten my notes.

BTW, there is a reason for this entry - I want to have it recorded somewhere the method to reset the keyboard to its factory setting, which is by pressing the Transpose up (^) and down and exit button simultaneously while powering it on. For some reason when I take the keyboard travelling, it decides to go mute, and this step is required to restore order.