Monday, April 30, 2012



I must hv hated me so much that i inflicted pain on myself!

Itulah saya.... Ever so clumsy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The music room


Finally there. Almost..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doorless with CLS kitchen


I am half-hearted about this post, part of me wanted to share the experience, part of me think I shouldnt be too petty over things like this.

In the end I think I should just share what I have gone through fairly and squarely.

After scouting (but not for so long :P), we decided to go with CLS kitchen. Let me be frank with you, budget IS indeed is main determining factor for us. I dont have stash of cash/gold/diamonds lying around, so obviously where ever possible I would like to try to ensure the sweat blood is spent rationally.

What was good with CSL kitchen is that they offer free granite top and bottom skirting (standard colors of course. Kalau nak black granite need to pay more not sure how much though). There are three granite colors available: grey, orangish and the normal mix of grey and brown.

They do charge however on the installation of the granite itself and the cuttings of holes for the sink and hob.

On the cabinets itself I think is pretty standard, mind you, they are not customised size though. They are all modules - macam those of ikea. Like in my case, I do loose a few inches of space since my kitchen is not exact fits of their sizes. Another plus of CLS is also that they designed our cabinets to be ceiling-height, which then gives us additional storage and saves us the trouble of having to clean cabinet top (which is a relief ... haha )

So all in all in happy and dandy till the date nearing the installation date. Few days before scheduled installation date, I called to confirm.

First - I was surprised to learn that the person answering is a different one to one I was liaising before (btw ni mobile number). Apparently that person has left. I was stumped a bit, cos it was just the week before and this guy didnt say anything. But I was thinking, of course la, takkan pulak he wants to tell off customers about his career movements kan. Anyway after explaining again to him and confirming the dates and all, he assured me that the schedule is still on track.

Mr Fluff asked me to call again following day sebab I forgot to ask about making the final payment. Err actually I didnt really forget but I kinda not agree with the full payment system before delivery thing.. so malas nak bring it up unless they said something. They didnt. But I asked anyway cos in case they'd delay our installation due to that.

True to my fear, memang they wanted to re-schedule to which both me and Mr Fluff reacted. See we are both working, and weekends are kinda precious to us. We have also allocated the installation on the scheduled date sekali nak reschedule - when we already have other plans for the following weekends. We insisted and the guy said ok boleh, stick to the schedule.

On the installation day, they came and install. After like half way through the installation, datangla another guy telling us that the doors arent ready. I am like, what the heck?? So I told him off and he said he would call his factory.

He went off, I presume to make calls to factories and all. I waited, and waited, and after like two hours I began to wonder what is happening? He just went off, and now leaving us in the dark of whats going on. Luckily the other guys installing cabinet top and base are still around so I managed to get the number of that runaway sales guy. I called him and then he told me that they couldnt do the doors, cos the doors that was prepared by the factory was a bad batch. Geram sungguh. I was already spewing by that time, but I guess nothing much can be done.

They promised to call on monday to confirm. But no one called me so later in the evening I called. Still they could not confirm the delivery of the doors because apparently the woods arent in yet. Sabar aja lah.

By then me and Mr Fluff's evenings are already booked so memang tak boleh nak install pon on any of the weeknights. Terpaksa la do on saturday anyway. Promised us 11 AM, no one turned up. I called at quarter to 12, they reschedule to 2PM.

Just as we were going to grab our lunch at 1, tiba2 I saw the CLS lorry coming our way. Nasib baik havent left yet. tsk tsk tsk... my conclusion - memang they dont know how to stick to schedule.

All in all, I have to say I was quite disappointed at the whole thing, but I guess it could be due to the person supposed to be in charge of my account leaving the company.

Oh, and they didnt fix my piping right, cos the following morning when I started using the tap Ive got water leaking underneath it. They came the following night though to fix it, this time installing with better pipe. So in the end it was okay.

UPDATED: after all done, on final check I noticed something amiss, I doublechecked the kitchen drawings, and memang they did my frosty window wrong. Unbelievable. Not a major hiccup had it not for the fact that we do have other things we need to do on the remaining of our weekend.

But to their credit, they are quick to fix the problems and issues we raised. What I was more annoyed about is the fact that it took all four visits before everything was done right.

Overall, I think their workmanship is quite good, and had it not for the mixed up on the door, I would probably have commended them. It is just that it frustrates us that they cant get it right the first - wait , till the fourth time!

Other things that you should also know:
  • *The granite that they use is only a 20mm compressed granite. Not so thick and not so hardy, so if you plan to do heavy duty work on it like pounding batu tumbuk, need to probably ask a better one than the standard free ones.
  • *Because it is compressed granite, you'll see imperfections here and there
  • *The granites are pre-cut, 8mtrs long. You will see cuts between the corners and if your kitchen is longer than 8mtr.
  • *The cabinets are modules, so expect to loose some space in between
  • *They'd usually throw in and ask to use their home brand sink, tab, kitchen hob and hood. Though their kitchen hob and hood are cheap, I decided to go against their home brand, in case it'll be hard to service later

the joinings at corners & imperfections

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hunger Games


Rating = A must watch!!!!

I didnt expect the movie to be so good, though critics and reviews I read said so. I wasnt expecting it because I dont usually enjoy fantasy fiction very much, but the way this one was written was definitely an exception.

So apparently this movie was adapted from Suzanne Collins book. Since I havent read the book I cant tell you if it was any better than the movie itself.

What I like about the movie was that the storyline itself is different but not too far fetched as some other fantasy fiction. Its also quite focused on the lead characters and dont side track too much on the supporting roles. Usually I hated these kind of movies because they try to explain too much and tries to include stories about every one in the book but this movie did none of that- it stays on with Katniss' journey and Katniss's alone.

And the actress, my gosh, she is GREAT. Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job in this movie. I think if it was played by somebody else the movie probably wouldnt hold it together well. I am not sure if I have seen her in any other movie though but she definitely now is on my list-of-favs.

So peeps, watcha waiting for.... catch it before the curtains falls!

Oh, here's the trailer to entice you.. :D

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Masak taucu


2nd attempt still tak jadi.

But better than the last try,.

Ikan tenggiri 4 pieces
Bawang putih & kecik for tumis
Bawang besar
A bit of halia
Air asam jawa
And the taucu of course (one spoon)

Goreng ikan mcm biasa, put aside
Tumis bawang and add Bawang besar
put taucu and air asam
And water if necessary
Put tomato

Add in ikan towards the end

Look simple huh, still i cant get it right. Sheesh!