Monday, December 24, 2018

Education ...


So I watched with interest on the recent outcries. First - it was about the call to not celebrate those who are high-flyers or straight A scorers. Now, those A scorers apparently are denied the chance to enter SBPs or MRSM, if they are coming from well to do families.

There are arguments from both sides. From teachers and parents of those high-flyers students, they obviously are not happy because in their view, why should these hard-working children be denied to be celebrate their success?

Whereas on the other camp, they say that we must not make those who couldn't make it feel left out.

Most recent topic - the outcries of those 6As who failed to secure a place in boarding schools or MRSM due to their parents income.

I honestly do not know how true this claim is - ie if indeed these students could not be placed because the selection criteria has changed.  It was said that those who are scoring 3As or even less are accepted if they are coming from B40 income group.

That is fine, really. In fact this I suppose is in line with the original intent of the boarding schools. Though the bar really should not the set too low in my opinion. Less one or two As would be fine, but a big gap perhaps

The next question is why haven't we been able to formulate this success to other schools then. It has been a while now that the boarding school and MRSM have been introduced. These schools are touted to be the better ones, compared to the standard Sekolah Menengah. I think while it is great that the government wants to ensure those less fortunate or rural gets groomed, we shan't forget the rest of the population. Why are we able to produce top notch students from certain schools but failed to do so on others. This is the more pressing question that the authorities has to address. Perhaps, there is a need to emulate the formula, with modifications?

If the success of the boarding schools and MRSMs are due to the controlled environment ie students have proper Prep times , balanced meal and playtime, why not introduced similar concept at the Sekolah Menengah but with costs to be borne / supplemented by parents?

And last but not least - please stop changing the directive every two or three years. Vast changes like education blueprint plan is not something that you see result in a year or two. Hopefully we will see better things going forward.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Asam Pedas - Mel’s dads recipe


okay this one i gotta try.

Saving this link here for the time being for safe keeping.

Piccas will follow once dah buat