Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hot Air Balloon


I went to Putrajaya to capture the hot air balloon, which is a rare sight here in Malaysia.

Unfortunately for me, the weather was not very good that morning, the skies were grey. I am sure if it was my lack of skills as well too that contributed to the not-so-nice photos. Anyway, here goes.

From Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

From Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

From Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cameron Highland Take Three


Last weekend we went up to Cameron Highlands, just to relax since it was a long weekend. The trip wasnt really a planned one, it was just something we thought about on saturday. At first we were going to go on saturday night itself, but it was pouring heavily and it was already getting late, so we decided to go on the following morning instead.
It was a good decision, as on sunday morning, the sky is clear and the day was beautiful.
We started our journey around 11 (at Jalan Duta) and made a short pitstop at Tapah R&R. While there we decided to take the old route to Cameron Highland, so that we could stop by at the waterfalls to eat. Mama Cheras made us bekal of yummy meehon goreng, so picnic was definitely a good idea.
Arrived at Lata Iskandar waterfalls at around .... noon. I did not pack myself swimwear, so that was quite a bummer. Anyway, we walked up the stairs to the highest point possible, and had our lunch. The waterfalls was just heavenly and irresistable, so just went in the water with my jeans and tshirt!
After about an hour or so there, the sky started to look grey so we made a move back to the car to continue our climb to Tanah Rata.
The old road is a lot more windy, and has lots of sharp turns compared to the Simpang Pulai route, and half way through I started to feel dizzy. After what seemed like gazillion years, we finally reached Ringlet. At Ringlet Rizal made a stop by the roadside - I went down, and threw up. So no more jalan lama for me.
After I threw up, I felt a lot better, maybe because there was nothing left in my stomach. From Ringlet it was quite a short distance to Tanah Rata (or was it because I felt better?) anyway we were in Tanah Rata in no time. Once there, we started to look for place to stay. The past two times we were in Camerons we stayed at Century Pines, but this time around since we have time and all, we decided to also checkout other places. Went to Heritage hotel, which is on top of the hills, near Convent School, and asked the reception to rates, and asked if we could view the room. The staff was friendly and very nice and one of them showed us the room. The room is quite okay, basic and of a standard size, but toilet has no bathtub. Rate quoted to us was RM 328 for the triplet room, which include breakfast for three. We decided to go look at others, and said our thank yous to the nice girl who showed us the room.
Next we went to the hotel in Tanah Rata which was called CoolPoint. We had looked at their room the last time we came, and I remember that I didnt like it as it was quite dampish, so we headed towards Brinchang. On our way to Brinchang, just about 300 metres from Tanah Rata town, we saw the sign to Bala's Chalet. While we were in Tanah Rata we were talking about this place, cos Rizal saw good reviews of it in Escapade magazine. This hotel is a really nice place, with old building structure, I think the building is more than 100 years or so, and decoration inside it was really nice too.From the reviews I read, this place is apparently serves one of the best scones in town. Anyway, we asked to look at the room from this one guy - presumably Mr Bala itself, and he showed us the room which is located on a separate building than the main building. The room is quite small, and the toilet is also quite small - with only a sink and a loo, and no shower room. It is a nice place, very simple, and the rate is not too bad at RM220 for three (no breakfast). However, since the room is a bit small, a We knew what Century Pines looked like, so no need to check it out, went around and on the hand, Rizal needed to do work, so it was not suitable for us for this time. Maybe next time.
Continuing the search, we then stopped at Casa DeLa Rosa.

I remember coming here before, but as I remember it, it was very expensive, but we just decided to have a look. The girl at the counter is very nice, I think her name is Sanghita, and she kindly showed us the room for three. The room is conviniently located just on the driveway, and it is huge. It has a raised platform for the Big Bed area complete with a cute curtain. The bathroom is also very big, And it has a bathtub. However, again, this room has no working/study table for Rizal to do his work. The rate for three is RM406 (for that huge room) and include breakfast for three.
Still with time, we decided to check out other places in Brinchang town before deciding, In the meantime, while on the way to Brinchang we called Century Pines (luckily Akmal has the door access card which had the numbers printed there) to ask if the room had study table. Unfortunately, Century Pines only had rooms with single beds. We could request to add an additional bed, but it was at an additional RM60. Total up, it came up to RM 328 (RM268 + RM60).
Upon hearing that Century Pines had very few rooms left, we decided that to make the bookings soon since it seem like the rooms are going quite fast. We called back Casa De La Rosa to ask them to hold the room for us. We also thought since Casa Dela Rosa has wifi, it would be ideal
We then went back to Casa De La Rosa, and requested to look at the other room that has a study table. The other room that was available is the Supreme or something like that, with the Golf Club view. This room is also very spacious, and fitted with a King Size bed, and a huge balcony. Between the two, we decided to take the lower ground room, since its easier to access and we could park the car right in front.
Once checked in, we washed up a bit, pray and then we went out again to Brinchang town. At Brinchang, the traffic was slow, as there is pasar malam there. There were lots of things there, from fresh vegetables, fruits and stalls selling food. We felt that the price at the Pasar Malam is cheaper than the prices at the shops, so bought most of our vegetables from the pasar malam. The pasar malam also sells corn in a cup, i bought one, and the corn is just so delicious! very sweet and fresh! Another thing that surprised me was that they also have goreng stuff like udang goreng, ketam goreng and sotong goreng, and they are all going for just RM5! yummy. We also bought honey, bought a variety, the honeycomb type for RM15, Honey tua for RM10 per small bottle and RM25 for the big bottle of Honey muda?.
Once done with our shopping, we were going to Tanah Rata for dinner, but the traffic was bad, it was almost not moving that we decided to jalan2 to the other side of Brinchang first. Nothing much to see, since most shops are closed, so we just make a round and headed back towards Brinchang town. Traffic was flowing better this time, so thats good. About 10 minutes later we were already in Tanah Rata. Decided to eat at the gerai2 after seeing the steamboat place was quite empty. We wanted to order yong tay foo, but the guy told us that it would take about 1 and half hour before we could get our order, cos there are lots of other waiting. Decided to just order from the shop (gerai Hjh Halijah) instead, I ordered sup ayam, but after awhile, they said that they dont have soup ayam, but they have tomyam. So I said okay, the service was quite slow, maybe they are not prepared for the kind of crowd. My tomyam was surprisingly nice, so thats good.
After dinner, we walked for a bit, then we head back to the hotel to eat my Ketam and Udang goreng bought from pasar malam. At Casa Dela Rosa they have lepak place, where there is a hut near a small garden.

No more activities for the night except some tv and then zzzz.

Woke up around 9AM, and went for breakfast. It was quite disappointing, most food almost finished, and it was not replenished. It was only 9.30AM and there were more people coming in for breakfast, so I thought the hotel could do a better job at it, since they can be considered as 5star.
After breakfast, I took a bath, which was great. After that we packed up, to start our jalan2 session. Unfortunately it had started dizzling, and the traffic leading to Mount Brinchang was really jammed. Took us nearly one and half hour just to past the shops selling vegetables. Went past, and stopped at the Cameron Valley Tea Shop. Compared to Boh Tea, this place has a lot of catching up to do, but considering that this was easier to access, I guess lot of people still dont stopping here.
It was raining all the way our journey down, and the traffic was also quite slow. We took the Simpang Pulai route this time.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Experiment 1 - Roti Jala


Roti Jala has always been one of my favorite food, but so hard to find here in KL. So today, after looking at the recipe to make roti jala, I decided to make it myself.

The recipe looks easy enough, all I need is:
3 cups of flour
1 egg
2.5 cups of fresh milk
2.5 big spoon of oil
1 teaspoon of garam
a bit of tumeric powder

Just mix all those together, until it became the roti jala batter. Looks easy huh. Anyway, after making it, I think the menjala part is the most challenging part. Quite susah , in my case the batter kept getting stuck on the roti jala thingy, apparently we are supposed to poke the holes. So next time i'll try that.

All in all, I think the roti jala still taste quite nice, so I think I just need to brush up my menjala skill. Anyway.... here is the end result
To accompany it, I made kari daging - since ada daging je. I think chicken curry would have been nicer tapi takpela.. anything goes...