Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tskk... tsk... tsk...


Ive got less than 24 hours to go for my trip and I am not in any way ready.

Have not done a single packing yet, and heaven knows what the heck am i doing in front of the telly and blogging my time away!!

I think it is largely due to the fact that I could not decide what should I take with me.

My dilemma as always - practicality or style?

I could never decide.

I surely want to take my camera plus its gigantic lenses and flash, bbbbut.... I also want to not look like a dork and the vain in me would want me to carry one of my pretty handbags instead.

So, now it boils down to:

Should take this Nikon pouch, and dump it in one of my tote

or should I go with this AND carry my totes at the same time (one on each shoulder?? err.. maybe not)

Or just pack it in this, and dump it all in the suitcase. (err lagi la No, I know I'd miss my camera )

Or forget about all that and just take my Kata.

Haih.... decisions... decisions... decisions....

Friday, December 03, 2010

Ikan Belah Belakang (recipe Auntie Nab)


I must say, one of the best Ikan Belah Belakang I have tasted has got to be at Auntie Nab's.

In fact perhaps it was at her home that I first tried it. Cant remember. Anyway, hers was always so nice and when we were invited for lunch the other day, I took the opportunity to ask her for the recipe.

Simple aja the ingredients she gave me. She didnt mention the quantity though, but of course to save myself from looking like a dopey and trying to make my self sound knowledgeable in kitchen talk, me just nodded here and there and scribbled macam expert. He he

Anyhow, here are the ingredients

  • Ikan kembung Hitam (you need to slice vertically it throughout the body)
  • Bawang putih (she said bawang putih banyak sikit)
  • Bawang merah
  • Kunyit hidup (or could be substituted with tumeric powder)
  • cili kering like a spoon or two
  • a pinch of gula
  • and of course salt to taste
You see what I mean....?? a bit of this and a bit of that... and walla.... :) :)

How it woudl really turned out when I try it, tak tahula. So peeps how bout YOU give it a go and tell me what are the correct measurements instead . :)

Till then. Happy cooking, holidaying, resting etc etc