Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bihun goreng cina


Dalam banyak2 noodle my most favorite is, and will always be, is bihun. Or sometimes called mihun or meehoon.

And dalam banyak2 style goreng mihun, two of my all time favorite are mihun goreng cina and mihun hailam.

Now dalam banyak2 kali buat mi, mihun selalu tak jadi and therefore i lebih rajin buat mee sebab failure rate is lower. :p

Anyhoe, since pepagi dah kena tinggal and takde keta pulak tu, terpaksa la memberanikan diri goreng mihun jugak. Luckily for me, I have everything I need sans the prawns.

Took the recipe from here (Thank you madam!):

My cincai / apa2ygada version:
3 squares of bihun(rendam through out the prep time)
4 ulas bawang putih(tumbuk)
2 ulas bawang merah(tumbuk)
Sebiji cili merah(tumbuk)
1 sudu besar sos tiram
Seekor sotong(potong memanjang)
Isi ayam(Potong kecil)
Sebiji telur
Lada hitam
Lada sulah
Daun sup(potong kecil)
Minyak untuk menumis

What to remember : once dah masukkan and sautee a bit chicken and sotong, add water at this point. And masuk garam siap2.

Then only masuk bihun and the vegs.

Final note, happy that it turned out okay. Definitely can repeat. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Loving this beast!


I have just changed my router. 

Not only it is much more pleasing to the eyes... since it doesnt stand out in my range of equipments on the console...

But more importantly, it is making me flyyyyy!! Speed is 150mbps now. Awesome :))

As usual, here comes the question - why didnt I take the plunge much earlier also I dont know. It just proves you shouldnt be afraid of the unknown - but just do it.

You know this router is actually quite cheap, only about RM150. And configuring was a breeze. In fact its already preloaded with unifi and maxis configuration. I practically do nothing, except to choose which VLAN for which port (separating the internet and IPTV) and putting in the unifi details. I dont even need to configure DNS.

What a whole lot of cool aint it. :)