Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Assam Fish


Dont know why, dah sampai mood nak memasak aje pulak. I have been eating home cooked meal for the past 3 days. These few days I feel soooo malas to eat out and felt sick of restaurant food.

It all stemmed from this article I read in the paper few days back, about the alarming number of Malaysian contracting TB, and all sort of other diseases which is usually a norm in poorer country. In that article, they blamed it on the rise of foreign workers who never had any compulsory jabs like us in Malaysia. The article was also suggesting that most of these foreign workers 's heatlh screen is also questionable - since it is a known fact that some of these foreign worker were not even legal and came in through tongkang and what not.

As many of our restaurateur today employ foreign worker ( whom may have been infected by these diseases) , we the customer of course also are exposed to it - since they prepared the food we are eating, etc etc.

After reading that article I became wary of eating out, takut + rasa geli nak makan pulak when thinking about it.
So today, I plan to cook again. The menu today, ikan siakap.
The fish is not exactly fresh, dah ada lama dalam fridge tu, so I cant exactly make steamfish as I normally would. Nak makan macam kari2 or gulai2, macam dah boring pulak cos had those 2-3 hari ni.

Then, ,teringat la pulak Nyonya assamfish, so as usual - googled it on the net.

I found a few recipes that look promising:


Kurau (Snapper) Fish Cut or Stingray, deep fried until golden brown.
Tamarind Juice from a table spoon of tamarind paste, add water to bring out the juice
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
Shallots, 5 pcs
Fresh Kunyit (Turmeric), 1" (You can also use turmeric powder, 1 table spoon)
Fresh Chillies , 5 pcs (or chilli powder, 1 table spoon)
Belachan, 1"x1/2"x1/2"
Serai (Lemongrass), 2 stalks

Heat up 3 table spoons of oil in hot wok and sautéed the blended paste until fragrant. Add a cup of water and bring to a boil. Add tamarind juice, sugar and salt to taste. Put in the fried fish and let it cook for a short while. Serve dish with steamed white rice.


3 mackerel
5 tbsp paste from Mom's Chili Prawns
1 rounded tbsp tamarind (asam pulp)
salt or light soya sauce

1. Clean the fish and season it with salt or light soya sauce.
2. Prepare the tamarind marinade: soak the tamarind pulp in 120 ml of warm water for 5 minutes. Squeeze the seeds and fiber with your fingers to extract as much juice and flavor as possible. Strain and discard fibers.
3. Heat wok with oil till hot, stir-fry the chili paste for a minute medium heat till fragrant.
4. Add water to the paste, stir to mix it well.
5. Stir in the tamarind juice (according to your taste of sourness).
6. Season it with light soya sauce or salt and a little bit of sugar .
7. Put in the fish to cook when you are about ready to serve dinner. This is to avoid overcooking the fish. The fish is cooked once its eyes popped.
8. Serve it with rice and a plate of vegetables by the side.


# 1 ikan siakap (800g)
# 60g dried chilli paste

To blend:
# 20g turmeric (kunyit)
# 20g galangal (lengkuas)
# 30g lemon grass (serai)
# 10g shallot
# 10g garlic

Cut into small pieces:
# 20g ladies fingers
# 20g eggplant
# 20g onion
# 20g tomato
# 10g belacan
# 20ml assam jawa juice
# 1 lime (squeeze for juice)
# salt and sugar to taste

Clean the fish. Heat wok with a little oil and add all the blended ingredients, chilli paste and belacan. cook for five minutes. Add assam jawa juice, lime juice and cut vegetables (ladies fingers, eggplant, onion and tomato).

Steam ikan siakap until cooked. Pour the assam jawa juice on the fish. In a medium hot oven, bake the fish which has been steamed earlier for two to three minutes so that the sauce is absorbed into the fish. Serve fish with hot rice.

p/s tak jadi masak... makan kat usop je in the end. Will update once tried

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ketam masak kuning


Rasa macam dah lama tak blog about food and new recipes.

This one is not a new try, I have made it before and today when I wanted to make it again I kinda forgot how-to. Had to call uwan again to ask her for the right way to make it.

Ketam is one of favorite food, and I could sit for hours eating it! You know the best kind of crab to me is the ones that you savour at home, in front of the telly with a good show. Superb!!

Anyway as to not forget how to make one of my all-time favorite I am going to note it down here.

What you need:
Cilipadi (pounded) x 1 tablespoon - if prefer spicy can add more
lemongrass (pounded) x 3
kunyit x 1 teaspoon
santan x 1 box
and the ketam of course x 2 (halves it)

How to make:
It is quite easy to make it, all you need to do is put in the cilipadi, lemongrass, kunyit and santan into the wok. Wait up until it boil two times (stir a bit in between)

add in the ketam and let it boil some more. If the ketam is those with thicker shell, let it cook longer, otherwise, once it is comes to boil, then it is ready

yum yum yum.... yeah yeah i know.. I know I should be looking out for my health and bla bla bla.. but with Ketam on the menu, who cares about cholesterol huh?

bon appétit!

Sunday, June 27, 2010



Today MissyVios had its first wash.

Unfortunately didnt bring my camera, so no photos to share here.

For today's wash, I requested for wash + vacuum, complete with Sparing Wax + dashboard polish. The total cost: RM33

The breakdown:

  • wash RM4
  • vacuum RM4
  • Sparing Wax RM 15
  • Dashboard polish RM10
It was well worth the money cos 'adik' now is gleaming and so wangi. I had it done at this carwash shop in Pandan Jaya, one of the best I've been to.

For those who would like to try, you can refer to the map below

View Larger Map

will try and snap a photo of the shop later on


Thursday, June 17, 2010

my new ride


I have had my car for almost a week now. It surely is different than princess.

I am kinda short of time here, so I'll just summarise what I like and dunlike ...

what I like
- it is quite responsive than I expected. Going uphill is a slight push, but not so noticeable
- feels light. Not sure if I like or not, cos I am used to the feeling of heaviness in princess
- ada emergency kit, ada emergency triangle. and first aid kit. ekceli belum bukak, so dun really know whats in it
- seat is quite comfy
- behind cabin is more spacious than I tot
- ada mute button at the audio system

what i didnt expect :
- quite noisy , tot it was quieter
- basic audio. Ada ke the equaliser is set to presets of : Compact, Sedan, Minivan. Not sure if this is a joke or what???
- No RDS. On off from the Off button
- display is really basic. No date, no indictor of how many km left of fuels

Whatever it is, I think I am yet to get used to it and once I have I think I would enjoy it more.

Anyhoot.... introducing for the first time in Fluff BomBom... (err... takde nama yet... so far only panggil 'adik' , and bonjot is now officially 'abang' . Why? cos both are black machines... so macam adik beradik.. ... erk logic ke??)

Thursday, June 10, 2010



Though it was such a short trip, tak sangka there are a lot to share here. Hence the additional post on Ipoh, PART II. This a continuation from Ipoh PART I

Anyway, sambung cerita Ipoh, after we left Kellie's Castle we headed back towards Route 1 southbound to get to Gua Tempurung. It was not difficult to find the entrance to Gua Tempurung as there are many signs a long the way. Roughly only about 20mins drive from Kellie's Castle I think.

Sampai kat Tempurung Cave, I wore my snickers siap2, cos tamau la masuk cave with Heeled Sandals. Tak pasal2 jatuh pulak. We went straight to the ticketing counter to get more information and leaflets, while makan at the gerai there.

So here is the leaflet (click on it for bigger image):

Tanya2 kat org tu, he said, it is best to go for option 3. Option 1, which is just a quick tour around the cave apparently is nothing much. So... we decided that we wont do Tempurung Cave today, but will come back soon some other weekend. Lagipun tak fun kalau tak dapat masuk2 sungai all that.

I didnt snap any photos around there, cos I will do that when we go for the actual Tempurung Cave trip.

Along the way we passed many many of these ex-mining lake, some of which were just fantastic, especially the ones with lots of lotus plant. Unfortunately I didnt get any shot of those ones. I only managed to get this one, which is also turned into a fishing/recreational lake.

After that, off we went - headed for Tapah to get back to the highway. Then... adala pulak sign to Lata Kinjang!! Apa lagi... I asked Rizal to make the turn. It is about 8km from the main route (route 1), and it is quite easy to access. The road actually take you all the way to the foot of the waterfall.

Parking are available, and there are also gerai and basic amnenities.

As it was the weekend, so the place was a bit crowded, especially at the lower side. He hiked up a bit, there are concrete steps and all, so no need to worry. The steps are not all the way to the top though. It stops there where there is a hangning bridge. We took a dip at the topmost accessible area. There were still a lot people, but at least not as crowded as at the base.

While here, I remembered my Trolak days, I remember coming to this waterfall with Farah, Gunn, Siti and Dura. But those days we actually went all the way to the top, like the top most area past the concrete stairs and all the way up to where the pump station is. That trip was somewhat memorable, because when we were happily taking our dips, Siti was swept away by the strong water. Punyala pucat all of us. Nasib baik she fell into one of the water pool. Until today I could still hear my heart beating faster thinking about it. Anyway, maybe because of that traumatic experience, I dare not to be too adventurous when I was there last weekend, especially since I have to be on my own in the water (cos Rizal has to take care of our belongings).

In all honesty I think this waterfall is too strong and too high to my likings, I think I prefer Lata Iskandar much better.

Macamanapun.. after taking our dips, its time to go. Also took the opportunity to take some shots. The verdict: I still am not so good at capturing waterfalls.. but I think it is a bit improvement than last time

From Ipoh quick getaway

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ipoh maliiii.....


With no more movies to watch at the cinema, and nothing else much to do over the weekend, we decided to go for a quick getaway last weekend.

It was kinda of an impromptu decision, and only decided on it late on Saturday evening - after we have done a few errands here and there.

Since dah lambat, not much options are there. I wanted to go to Bukit Larut aka Maxwell Hill, but there are no shuttle service going up to the hills after 6pm, so this one is out. That leaves us with just Ipoh, or Melaka.

Having seen and visited Melaka quite a number of times, I opted for Ipoh instead. I have always wanted to explore this sleepy town, especially after passing through it everytime we are going and coming back from Penang. I have read a number of good pleasing reviews about hidden gems of Ipoh too and thought it would be a good chance to explore it.

So, we left KL around 9, after dinner. Before leaving I made a few calls to book our accomodation. Initially we thought of staying at Railway station hotel (so that I could snap photos of this ol building) but after looking at the actual room photos on the web, we were both like... errr... takpe la kot. I then googled other hotels and started making the calls. And guess what, I was so so surprised to find that ALL of the hotels I called were fully booked! I mean WHAT is there in Ipoh???? Out of options, I called Railway hotel - which is actually called and run by Majestic Hotel and as fate would have it, they have one last room available. Since dah takde choice, we just took it.

We took one slow leisurely drive and reached Ipoh (S) toll around 11.30PM. Not knowing where exactly is this Majestic hotel, we just followed signs and luckily, they do have signs of 'Stesyen Keretapi' along the way. To get there from the highway, we had to pass through Ipoh town, seriously memang dead city - except for the petaling street like road somewhere in the middle of the town.
Though we managed to find the hotel quite easily, getting to it was another story. Ipoh ni full of one way street... so pusingla satu Ipoh again before we could actually get to the train station entrance - which in actual fact a blessing in disguise, cos we got a peek of all those heritage buildings of Ipoh. Kinda keep me excited :)

Majestic hotel as expected was nothing much. After all it is only RM88 per night. But I have to say it was quite good for whats offered. Of course it is just basic, but it is extremely clean, and the room and toilet are of ample size. If only they put a more classy curtains and bedsheets, I think it would have done wonders.

I didnt waste any time but started snapping here and there that night itself. Sadly though, not much turned out nice. Nevertheless enjoy..

The next morning, more photos taken...

After check out, we went around Ipoh town again to snap more photos..

The St Michael's Institution - one of the premier school in Ipoh - built in 1912.

from wiki: St Michael

After seeing a bit of Ipoh, we made a move towards Gopeng, where the Tempurug Cave is. We passed through several suburbs like Tg Rambutan... Sg Kinding (where they are selling land 45000sqft + bungalow house for RM3++k - amazing huh?), IGB industrial area, some place called Klebang... etc... After going on about an hour or so... You know what?? we ended up back in Ipoh town. It turned out we took wrong turning somwhere and actually have been just going around Ipoh town.... so... last last.. masuk highway balik nak pergi Batu Gajah... hehehe

We exited at Simpang Pulai, and took route 1. By this time, I already acquired the Petak map, so ada la guidance sikit.

About 10 minutes from the Simpang Pulai exit, we passed through this Cave temple. I don't what is the name of this temple, but apparently it has been for a long time, even when Rizal was still small, cos he remembers it as one of the landmark he'd see on his trips to KL (dulukan takde highway). Sadly the bottom of this at the entrance they built shoplots but it was deserted, and became an eyesore instead. Rizal said it wasnt like this last time , I feel that they should have just destroy it since no one is actually occupying. There are also no more pomelo gerais like it used to be before.. so sad..

Anyway, on the map, there was also indicators of Tourist attractions. One of which is Kellie's Castle. Having read about it in travel columns some time back, I have always wanted to see it and so asked Rizal to make a quick detour to see it for myself.

I was happy we did cos Kellie's Castle is a really nice place. See some of the photos I took...

you should read the history of this place at wiki - more about Kellie's_Castle


I wanted to complete this post in one go, but my head is refusing to co-operate. So I guess I will just have to continue the rest of my journey in PART II

Till then... ta

Friday, June 04, 2010



I was laughing through out the movie, and I have to say this is one of the best Ive seen this year.

Its about a young CIA Spencer who fell in love with the next door girl Jen. Spencer quit his fast-paced life to lead a normal life with Jen. They live happily after
until the past catches up with Spencer. His old boss came seeking for him, and apparently he has a bounty of 20M on his head.

Needless to say all that came as a shock to Jen and all the people around them whom they thought are their friends are actually secret agents or hitman of sorts.

I love the unexpected jokes and the combination of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl (who are my fav actor n actress) just added to my joy.

All in all, if you are in for a good light humourous movie, this one is a winner.

:) :) still cant stop smiling till now ...

Thursday, June 03, 2010

100+ years old book!!


Yep you read it right. A 100+ year old book. In fact to be precise 120 years old.

In the midst of looking for some documents at his parents place, Rizal showed me this signature on a book

It was signed in 1893!!! Took a second look and yep my brain read it right - it was indeed signed like a century ago. I was astonished! Still couldnt believe it, I looked at the year it was printed. And guess what???

It was printed in the year 1890! How amazing is that.

And the book is still in good condition, I was so so surprised that Rizal just left it there on the bookshelf together with his other books. So good it is (for a century year old book) I bet I could sell it in ebay for good bucks.

I mean arent this book like a history material now..? And arent we supposed to like not touch it and keep it in a temperature controlled display glass ur sumthin like they did in Da Vinci Code??? For a second, I thought that I might torn the pages while reading it.

And you know how did Rizal own this book? He bought it for merely £2 at the NewCastle Sunday Market. Talk about finding treasures huh?

Anyhoot, after realising how OLD the book is, it dawned upon me - What DID people write about those days??? I mean surely at that time life is probably something like a scene out of Sense and Sensibilities, no?

here is a peek..

Out of curiosity, I must read this book or at least read partially since Rizal said it wasnt really easy to read with the old english style of literature.

But honestly what made me really really want to take it home is because I need to capture it... I just have to.. (its just simply too precious to ignore :))) )

the already jagged pages...

seasoned look...