Monday, February 09, 2009

Steam Fish Thai style


Today I am so proud of myself, I managed to cook the steamfish the Thai style.
I have been wanting to eat the steamfish for a few days, and this morning I got up early to go to the market.
It was the first time I was that early at the market, and I was quite surprised to find that there were lots more fish and fresher food .. tee hee hee.

Anyhoot, I managed to buy a siakap fish. It was slightly above 0.5 kg, costs me RM11. I then hunted for the other ingredieant such as ginger, lemongrass etc etc..

There is this other crucial ingredient that I have been looking for high and low, and could not find it, which was the Asam pickle. I was just thinking of substistuting it with something else since I could not find it. But today, I just thought as a final check, I just looked at Mercato Pavillion in case they have it, and Lucky Me, I found it there.

So, since I would like to ensure my future venture of cooking this Steamfish be as successful, i am going to write the recipe down (unfortunately, no photos.. semua dah abis)

The Market List
1 Ikan Siakap
4 pieces of Pickle asam
1 red chilli
10 Cili Padi
1 tomato
1 Limau nipis
1 bawang besar
4 garlic
1 inch Ginger (halia muda)
2 stalks of lemongrass
coriander leaves
salt, fish sauce, whitepepper & cuka to taste
5 pinkspoon corn flour

1. Preparing the fish
Clean the fish with salt and lemon
Once clean put in the wok

2. Preparing the ingredients
->Slice thinly the following:
- garlic
- cili
- lemongrass
- ginger
- red chilli
-> ketuk cilipadi
-> slice tomato to 6 slices

The way to cook:
1. Put the fish and all ingredients (ingredients no 2. above + the asam) into the wok

2. Add water, with some of the water mixed with corn flour.
The water level should cover the fish

3. Bring it to boil, with the lid on

4. Once boiling, add salt, fish sauce, cuka and perahan limau to taste

5. After about 5 mins, turn the fish over

6. When it is almost cooked, at white pepper

7. To serve, put the Coriander leaves on top