Friday, December 26, 2008



This is actually a belated entry on the Singapore trip.

Went to Singapore during christmas holidays... Took the 9AM bus from Puduraya and arrive Singapore around 3pm. The bus stopped at one of the bus stand, and we have to take the MRT to get to our hotels.

It was not a good timing, while carrying our luggage, we had to squeeze in in that pack train.
Anyhow, after a long tiring journey, we finally arrived at our hotel.

That night we went to Orchard street, and I bought meself a pair of jeans. Yes i think it was more expensive there but since Levis KL does not carry size 30 above so ithought just buy it..

Anyway, once after lepak at Orchard street we went to find a place to eat. Called my friend Tan, and he suggested someplace in Arab street. So off we went and surprise surprise.. the place is deserted and most shops are closed! and it was only 12 mdnight. Obviously teh tarik sessions and night caps are not the norm here.


Started the morning with breakfast - courtesy of Dina and Co.. ;)
We then headed to the bus stop...took the doubledeck bus..

So Harbour view is the stop.. to catch the train to Sentosa Island we went to Vivo City.. Queue was quite long.. and we also had lunch at Vivo before going to the island.

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island was really hot.. I cant stand the heat, it feels like as if we are in the desert. All in all, not much there. The only that I enjoyed was the Lugi ride. COol :)

Back from Sentosa, rest for a while and went out again. This time, we decided to checkout the nearby Foodcourt - Newton Circus Foodcourt. We ordered some seafood, and murtabak Singapore. The seafood was quite good, but murtabak was a disappointment.

That night we went to Raffles City area, where Suntec and Marina Square is located. Vaguely remember the last time we went. Anyway, I ahve been wanting to get on the Eye of Singapore thingy, and we manage to spot it from Marina Bay area. Unfortunately the service was suspended due to some malfunctions just couple of weeks back :(

As we were walking to the Esplanade, I started to get tummy ache. Ouch. Didnt feel like going anywhere else, so we just went back to our hotel..


In the morning, we went back to Orchard road... and ... bought me a Nikon tripod. I dontknow if it is cheap or not, but apparently it was on sale, so I got it at S$45. Had a quick brunch at Burger King after berpusing2 looking for it. Anyway, done with all that so we went back to the hotel to check out.

We then went to lunch with Uncle Bet's friend, he took us to this pandan leaves restaurant. Honestly that was the first time I was in one, so I am not a good judge on the food. Plus i was already quite full from the lunch.

Once had our lunch, we went back to the hotel to get our bags, and Uncle Bet's friends kindly dropped us off at the Mall where we are supposed to take our bus.

The place was a Sports mall some sort.. so didnt do much there, I just sat reading my books while others went jalan2.

At 6PM... our bus came... First Coach..

Sayonara Singapore.... So long..