Friday, May 18, 2012

Laksa in da houz!!


In my quest to become healthy and after so many days of rice for dinner, i was craving for something light but fulfilling.

Spaghetti and fusion is kinda out, cos i had too many those for lunch this week AND the weeks before that. Choices of food is kinda limited at my work area so as a result balik2 makan that same thing.

ANYWAYS i dont know what made me think of laksa but somehow it just popped in my mind. So on my way home, i just stopped by to buy the ingredients:

  • cili kering about 10 pieces
  • cili padi about 3 or 4 pieces
  • belacan 2.5 cm
  • udang kering half handful
  • bawang besar x 2
  • Ikan kembong x 5
  • Daun kesum one handful
  • Bunga kantan x 2
  • Asam keping x 8
  • Laksa 500grams
  • Eggs
  • Salt to taste

To make the gravy:

Blend well :

cili kering, cili padi, belacan, udang kering, bawang besar


Ikan kembong. take out the fish and blend the meat. Keep the boiled water for gravy.

Boil in other pots:

Eggs (well done)

Laksa (for about 5 mins)

To prepare Garnishes:,

cili padi - slice thinly

Bawang besar - slice

Cucumber- cut long thinly

Bunga kantan (the top red bits) cut thinly

Red chilli slice

Eggs Slice in two


Senang je masak laksa ni if you have all the ingredients ready.

Just put together blended fish, gravy ingredients, bunga kantan and daun kesum, asam keping. Bring to boil until the gravy thickens.

Thats it. and serve with the boiled laksa and garnishes...

I am quite happy when My Fluff said it was 8/10. So certainly its worth trying again - cos it is something that we both enjoy having.

Bon appetit!

Original recipe taken from here

Monday, May 07, 2012

Guide to Eiffel Tower


Finally. On the third time in Paris, at last i took the plunge ( errr not so appropriate term there :p) . Anyway, they say if u dont go to eiffel tower you might as well dont say uve been to pahree.

You know usually I am most inclined to visit a place when the place holds some sort of meaning- like historically. With Eiffel tower i think it is kinda overrated. Paris itself is indeed the city of love but frankly there aint anything romantic about the eiffel tower specifically. I think there are gazillion other dreamy love boasting spots in Paris, but hey, different people have different views kan.

So why do i say eiffel tower tak romantic? To start with, the place is sooo touristy, ye lah every one who sets foot in paris mestilah nak visit. So you can just imagine the crowd, any given time of the day theres just sooo many people there. And the queue.. ooo my... don't get me started.

Waaayyyy too long!!!

Guess how long i had to stand on the queue before i reached the ticket counter??

T.H.R.E.E hours!! Yeap, u read me right. I kid you not the queue was long, and seriously memang its one in a lifetime thing cos tak larat nak queue lagi , ever!

Anyway, when i got nearer to the tix counter i noticed they do actually have separate queue for pre-book. I dont know though how or where can u book but i found this: link

You can give it a go.

For lack of better tool, here goes the pix snapped with my phone.