Sunday, November 01, 2015

Kenwood Mini Chopper


So my 2nd hand blender has gone kaput as well. I suppose they dont build those things to last forever.

I mostly used it with the chopper function, so i decided not to bother to buy the whole set of hand blender and leave me with a clutter of stuff in my cabs doing nothing, andjust scout for chopper.

Unfortunately there isnt much in the market, not the small capacity that I prefer/need.

I cant buy the bigger capacity ones because I usually cook for two and the larger chopper would not chop well with smaller amount.

That left me one option, which is the Kenwood mini chopper CH150.

So for those who would like to buy this, I guess there isnt much to review, except you might want to know that this little bugger, despite its small size is exceptionally loud. 

It also has this safety function where it wouldnt work unless you turn it in a certain way, which honestly to me is such a nuisance.

Apart from those grudges, it has worked well so far.

Note: you would also see on onlinesites, it doesnt do herbs well (at least not as good as my demised hand blender). But i dont use it much for herbs chopping so doesnt bother me much.

So there you go. Hope this helps for those in the look for mini choppers