Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bagan Lalang

I have been wanting to go to Bagan Lalang (also commercially known as Sepang Goldcoast) ever since I saw the road signs on my way going to Seremban from KLIA. I have also googled once or twice , and each time it returns with links for photos of the sunset there.

So today, I managed to book Rizal's time to take the road trip with me there.

We started at around 5.30pm from KL, taking the KL-Putrajaya highway. I didnt exactly know the direction to go there, and hoping to rely on the roadsigns. Lucky for us, there were enough signs to lead the way, and it was quite easy to find. All you need to do is keep a look out for the signs to Sepang Goldcoast or Hotel Seri Malaysia. However, for the benefit of others I am going to describe briefly how to get there.
-From wherever you are (KL, Subang, Kajang, etc) just take the route towards LCCT terminal. Just before you reach the Sepang F1 circuit, take the left turn (there are signs there for Sepang Goldcoast).
- After driving for about 2 minutes, you will reach a junction. Take a left.
- You will then be on the normal trunk road (no longer a dual carriageways) for about 5 mins (about 5-6 km), before reaching Sepang town.
- At the Sepang town, you will reach a T-junction, take a right, and just go on following the main road. From there it would be another 15km to reach the coast.
- Along the way you should see dragon fruit stalls, as there are quite a number of dragon fruit farms there. After about 10kms, you will reach another small town called Sg Pelik. If you need any necessities you can grab it here as this is the last town you'll see before reaching Bagan Lalang
- From Sg Pelik, its another 5 kms or so, and you'll reach the turning to Bagan Lalang after about 3 km
- The turning is at a housing area, I believe its called Pantai Sepang Putra, and from there its another 2-3 kms on a small road till you reach the Bagan Lalang beach.

Overall I think you should estimate the journey to take around an hour from KL (this is based on no traffic jams). So if you want to catch sunset like me, start as early as 5pm, so that you'll have enough time to setup your equipments.

Now that the directions and estimates of time to take for the journey is out of the way, lets see what you can find at Bagan Lalang or Sepang Goldcoast.

I first thought that this Bagan Lalang is one sleepy fishing village based on the photos that I have seen posted by others on web. So imagine my surprise when I reached there, the place was abuzz with activities and so full of people! There are like a whole area of those quick setup stalls selling all sorts of things, the traffic was bumper to bumper, and on the beachside, there are lines and lines of tents, and there are people everywhere! Everything is there, except the fishing boats and sleepy little village I was expecting.

I wasn't really disappointed with what I saw, but it has thrown my plan off a little bit cos I thought I would have the whole beach to myself. However, it didnt really stop me from taking some shots.

Overall I am quite happy for the results, though next time I would concentrate more during the few mins before sun goes down.Posted by Picasa

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