Saturday, November 21, 2009

New accessories for me.!


Just purchased a new flash for me...

Decided to go with the SB400, due to the size and price. Bought it from Foto Selangor at RM450. At first I wasnt sure if I made the right decision.

So why SB400? I have looked at the SB600 before and I felt it was too big for an amateur and occasional photographer like me. It also looked quite complicated with the settings on the flash. I think I should try with the SB400 first, at least master the skill of using flash gun before venturing to expensive ones. Plus, I was thinking, since I am only on a RM500 budget (thanks baby!), and I also wanted a CPL filter, I think I should settle with the SB400 for now.

An after thought - I think I made the right decision, especially after reading

So here goes

From others

From others

From others

Apart from the flash, I also bought a CPL filter (Hoya Circular Polarised). Unfortunately they didnt have any stock, so will collect it probably Monday or tuesday. Got the CPL for my 18-200mm, and hopefully will be able to capture better skies and water photos soon...
I purchased a Hoya, 72mm and quoted price was RM195, and since I bought both filter and flash at the same time, managed to get another RM10 discount..

Photos of the filter & its outcome to follow soon. :)