Friday, November 05, 2010

Asam Pedas Daging

Finally. I found the opportunity to get uwan to teach me how to make the Asam Pedas daging that I love so much.

Without further a do, here is the list of ingredients (rough estimation yah, cos u know la uwan, she doesnt go by sukatan but agak2)

1. Meat half kilo
2. Dried Chillies 7 pcs (blended)
3. Red Onion 1 pc (half in cubes, chopped)
4. Garlic 4 pcs (chopped)
5. Ginger around thumb sized <- typical of uwan.. thee hee hee (sliced thin)
6. Asam Jawa 1 teaspoon (mama uses Asam Jawa Xtra)
7. Daun limau (Kaffir leaves)
8. Tumeric powder 1 tablespoon
9. Oil (banyak )
10. salt to taste
11. Potato

The method:

- Sautee the chopped onions, garlic and ginger until slight brownish and fragrant

- add in the blended dried chillies

- Once the oil has surfaced, add in the meat

- The juice from the meat will make the paste watery, so we'd want it to become tender and just add a bit of hot water if the juice from the meat is not enough

- add salt

- Leave it to simmer (put the lid on to help the meat becomes tender quicker)

- Once the meat is tender add more water for gravy

- put in the potato and cubed onions

- Once potato is cooked and meat is tender, add in the sour paste (asam jawa) and Kaffir leaves

- Let it boil and walla.. its done!