Monday, January 17, 2011

Technology and me

I love technology. More often than not it usually provide me some challenge and amusement. But the thing with technology is that you need to keep up. It is fine when you ve got plenty of time and plenty of $$$. As the time go by somehow i have less of both - to put priority on other imposing and imprtant matter. I have somehow have less time to fiddle with things and less cash to burn on these 'technologies'. This is fine when you decide to longer be on-top-of-things. It is however not so fine when you hv one foot wanting to be uptodate and one foot not.
the thing is, when you dont keep up u ended up being left way and way behind and unfortunately the price to be up to date escalates.
You"l think why am i rambling nonsense here. It is because i havent had any new toy for the longest time and i soooo want one! And I am torn between a new camera, or a new ipod. or maybe i shld just get an ipad???