Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sausage in Breadroll

Darn those lil bratz, each time I watch Junior Masterchef I feel hungry - not just for food , but hungry to cook.

Yeah sounds far-fetched kan, but seriously, I dont know why after I watched the show mesti rasa berkobar-kobar nak make something.

So last night when watching one of the re-runs I made Sausage in a rolling bread.

Before you get ideas thinking that I was so inspired that I managed to think of creative ideas like this, no, I am not that creative, I actually had something like this served to me on FLNG project breakfast. Of course mine didnt turn out exactly the same, but bolehla.. kalau dalam exam boleh dapat 70 over 100 la kot...

Anyway. Shame on me, I didnt snap photos of 'the making of great sausage in rolling bread' so I'll try my very best to describe as detail as I can.

What you will need is just those little sausages, bread (loafs), eggs and salt.

1. Beat the eggs and add a bit of salt

2. Put in the bread (soak on one side only)

3. Put the sausage in the bread and roll it over

4. Lightly grease a flat pan on low fire

5. Put the rolled bread on the pan , with the joined part of the roll at the bottom. This is to seal the bread so that it doesnt fall apart.

6. Then slowly just cook the other parts of the bread until all cooked

I think the one I had at the breakfast thingy was not made with eggs, but I dont know what else would bind the roll together so if you have any other ideas, please share it with me.

anyhow, this is how it turned out (ignore the rolled eggs next to it, dah terlebih so I just made a roll).