Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to mend a ruined cloth

Few weeks ago I was quite upset as the new shirt I bought were stained with oil (cooking oil). I have washed it two times since but the oil stain still there and didnt even fade.

It was unfortunately stained at such glaring place, which made it unwearable. I was already going to throw the blouse away in the bin - then, I thought about googling on the net to see if there is any way to mend it.

Lucky me, i found a few sites and they all gave same recommendation - to clean it with dish washing liquid.

I was quite sceptical and didnt expect much when I tried the method. But surprise surprise, it work wonders!

So I am sharing it here so that you folks can try it as well:

1. Get a Dishwashing liquid. I just use Sunlight
2. Spread it over the stain area
3. Wash the clothes as usual at the highest temperature the cloth can withstand , with Oxy type fabric cleaner. Note: For cotton type of cloth you can go up to 40degrees if color and upto 60deg if white.

That's it!