Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flush Puhleeeezzz

Each time I do my business in the office I cringe - because I would be staring at this:

Like, aiyoooo.... that also need to remind?? how embarassing... Think about this - we are an MNC company, a reputable O&G Engineering no less, and we need reminding to flush? seriously? Me felt like dunking me head in the sand.

Having said that, sadly though , there are indeed occasions when the toilet are left unflush. Like honestly you people, what were you thinking???

I can just imagine a visitor coming to this office, entering the toilet and thinking.. hmm not bad... toilet looks nice... and then... off she goes to the loo and then, WHOAAA... whats all these? cant these people flush?? too busy are you? or you think we have mechanical toilets?

tsk..tsk.. tsk... how embarassing... mesti dia ingat we are all blondies, tak pon so ulu that we dont know how to sh!t .

I was thinking, maybe we should rephrase instead: Dear All, This is not an automated toilet, kindly flush after you crap!