Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cantonese noodle

Looks can be deceiving. Seriously. Dont be fooled nampak je macam berjaya but na-ah-ah seyes mmg tak jadi !

The good thing is the taste is there so it isnt a complete disaster.

However what i think i did wrong was the noodle, it clumps together - i think i was supposed to break it apart before frying. And i should hv used less corn starch. Apart from that maybe it would turn out better.

Anyhow it is pretty easy to make, what u need:

The noodle (meehoon/kuew teow/charmee)
Garlic-pound slightly
Corn starch (one ts)
Salt to taste

To make:
1. Deep Fry the Meehoon. Put aside
2. Sauté garlic
3. Add beef until slightly cooked
4. Add stock and corn flour
5. Add all other ingredients
6. Stir for a min or two and pour on top of noodle