Friday, June 29, 2012

Ipad charger

The thing about buying Apple accessories is you dont exactly get to see whats in the box. Its sealed as if you there is a ticking bomb inside it, and the only way you can know is by buying the item. Asking sales assistant most of time dont help, especially if the item is not their best seller.

So anyway, i have been wanting to get an additional charger for my iphone and ipad, as I usually keep one at the office too as standby charger.

Scouted around, googled hi and low, finally i narrowed down to these two items:

- the additional ipad charger
- the travel adapter kit

Why these two?
Pro 1 -Both charges at 10w, as opposed to the 5w that came with most charger. It shortens the charging time, especially for the ipad. I have not run a full test on it yet, but will do so now that i have extra cables.

Pro 2 -Price. I felt that these two gives best value for money. Compared to the charger for iphone at RM109, or the apple universal dock at RM209 (but without usb cable), or any other 3rd party charger which are more expensive.

Ipad charger
I like the fact that it gives me a solid 6 ft cable- a good length than the standard USB length. The downside of this item is that it is bulky than the ipad bundled charger, but it is a non issue for me cos i can leave this one a home or work, and use the ipad bundked charger as the portable one.

To purchase this item, i had to go to few places. First i went to machine in IOI mall cos thats the closest to home, but they are selling it for RM99 instead of RM89 as published in online store. I thought i might as well get it from online store , since i am not really in a hurry.

Next day i tried purchasing from online store - but whoaaa it turns out they charge RM30 for shipping if your purchasin is less than RM250. Aiyooh.

So no choice, i just went to macstudio in Lowyat to buy, and guess what? They are selling it at RM89! I loikeee! Of course Just grab it there.

As i mentioned earlier, they dont have sample, but since i kind of know roughly whats in the package i just made the purchase.

Upon unpackaging it, I was sooo pleased to see that it actually comes with two (yeap, TWO) Plug-heads, which means i can either use it as portable like the bundled one, OR, add on the 6 ft tough looking cable to it. Yaaayyy...

Just to share with others who is considering to get one, heres whats in the box

The whole lot:

Nice :)

The travel kit
Btw, why i didnt purchase the travel kit, it is indeed a nice to have, cos it makes it easier when i travel. But for double the price, just to get the different plugheads, when i can buy a RM12 travel adapter which i already have anyway, dont seem necessary. On top of that, I think i wouldnt get the 6ft tough looking cable in the package, which is also a downside to me.

In the end, I am very satisfied with what I bought and hope this will help you decide too, if you are considering to get an additional charger for your device.