Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chalking business gone awry

I stepped up from the chalk business and found these cool chalk bistro marker.

I bought these from Daiso. Bistro markers arent something that is easily come by in this part of the world. Had a toughtime hunting these demons down. Though I know crafthaven in 1utama sells them as well - In limited colors and quantity of course.

In theory, they are perfect. No dust, doesnt easily come off, writes like a pen/marker therefore more refined and clearer writings, blah blah blah..

In actual fact, it is a nightmare to clean.

See what i mean??

This picture above - was after i tried in vain to: 

1. Rub it with water (as what the suggested method to clean)
2. Rub it with glass cleaner
3. Rub it with more concentrated ammonia

And it just wouldnt come off!!!

It is sooo frustrating. My new kitchen writing board is ruined - just like that.

I really dont know how else to wipe it off. So if you people have some tips please please please share them with me.

Finally found on the web someone suggested Acetone. That works, except that it also rubs off a part of the chalk paint. See the black marks on the cloth?

But I guess thats better nothing. 

Looks like I gotta stick with good ol' fashion chalks after all