Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fish paste

I had a minor surgery recently, and have had to mind the food intake.

I was told to berpantang similar to those who had given a caesarean birth.

No chicken, no seafood (except white fleshed fish), no fried food, no spicy food and etc.

It recommended that you take as much as fresh food like fruits and vegetables, fish and soupy, steam and grilled food.

Yes, all those that I dont normally take

Anyway, after few days of steam and soupy food, I wanted a bit of variation and looked for recipe for grills. Found this one and tried it.

I pretty much copied everything.

Se here goes:
5 pieces onion (shallots)
3 pieces garlic
An inch ginger
Half inch galangal
1 piece lemongrass
1 piece bunga kantan (torch ginger)
3-6 pieces bird chillies
1 tablespoon fish curry powder
3 tablespooons tamarind juice
Half tablespooon soy sauce
Half tspoon sugar
4 pink spoon salt

Blend all together. I dont add water onto it, just using the tamarind juice. Try to use as little water possible, to make the paste less watery.

Once all blended well, sautee it on a wok with little oil. Just sautee until it is drier.

The get aluminum foil or banana leave, put the paste, and put the fish and smattering the paste all over.

Fold the aluminum foil or banana leave so that the juice is sealed in.

Using a flat pan, and medium fire, lay flat and cook on both sides. Mine turned out a bit dry, maybe because it left it too long so i guess if your fish is not too big should keep it around 5 mins on each sides.