Sunday, November 08, 2009

The lost nurseries of Sg Buloh

I havent been to Sg Buloh for quite a while. I think ever since we moved to KL, even so. Here in BAM there is not much space for plants, so naturally the need to go to Sg Buloh is not really there.

Anyhow last weekend we went to Sg Buloh to get some grass for Papa's lawn. We took the new exit, which is the exit of Hospital Sg Buloh. Its very easy with this new entry to Sg Buloh, cos the moment you are out of the highway you are already in front of the hospital. As we drove in, we noted that the roads are widen, it is now a dual carriageway both sides. The newly constructed road no doubt has made it easy for us to go towards the nurseries. However imagine our surprise when we reached there, the many many nurseries there was reduced to only one lonely shop crammed by the roadside!.

See what I mean???

Regardless, we still manage to get what we came for. The price is still way cheaper than in KL itself (especially compared those overpriced nurseries around Pandan). The Philippines grass quoted at RM2 for 1 x 2 ft. Since we buy in big amount, we got it at RM1.80 per piece. Which is cheap, compared to RM3.50 in KL. Same goes with the tanah. Red ones is RM1, but if buy more you can get it as low as 80sens. In KL, prices vary, I think it Tesco and Giant, they are selling for RM1.50, but the overprice nurseries here is selling it at RM2.50. Steep huh.

So, all in all if you are thinking of buying a lot i think it is still worth visiting Sg Buloh since it is considerably cheaper still. Though I dont know how much longer they will there....