Thursday, February 04, 2010

Go kart

On F.T holidays we took Akmal out for Go kart.

Its not his first time, he's been on the track quite a number times but usually he is on his own cause neither me nor Rizal would ride as well. I won't do it simply because its panas but Rizal... i dunnolah why he doesnt want to go-kart. Anyway, sebab kesian Akmal having to ride just by himself we asked him to get his friend to go as well.

The track we frequent is at Morac Speedzone Go-kart track, situated along ELITE highway near/at USJ R&R. To get there you actually need to enter from Shah Alam and go towards USJ. Just enter the USJ R&R and go past the petrol stations and all, the track will be on your left.

Rate is quite okay I guess, they go by minutes - its RM55 for 20 minutes and RM30 for 10 minutes.

From Go-Kart 2010.02.01

From Go-Kart 2010.02.01

From Go-Kart 2010.02.01

For beginners I think this place is good, cause it is usually quite empty, and therefore is less dangerous. We've been to the one at Shah Alam stadium once, but it was quite pack and drivers were riding those super fast karts, so Rizal was not confident that it was safe enough for Akmal (being an amateur and casual go-karters).

So next time friends, if feel the need to speed.... head to Morac Speedzone!