Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taman Negara preparation...

CNY is finally near. Which also mean I need to start packing for .... our Taman Negara trip yuhuu...

Okay its been a long time since Ive gone camping and stuff so the trip surely going to be an interesting one. When I was younger, during schooldays I loved camping and all these outdoor activities. As I grew older somehow the preference has moved towards comfort rather than roughness.

For good reason.

For one, I am like 8kg overweight now. So doing all those activities that was easy to me before is an effort now. Like truly an effort sebab I am so lazy to exercise regularly.

Two, I am more penakut these days. I used to be braver before, but now I kinda get frighten easily. Maybe that is because I am actually aware of the dangers nowadays. To think back... what a wonderful life I had.... those carefree days kan...

Nevertheless. I am still (very much)looking forward to this trip. Not so much for the fact that I am going to be doing the outdoor stuff, but mainly cos I get to snap new photos... tee hee hee

So like any other journey I have taken, I normally like to plan ahead, at least to make sure I have all the gears I need..

Here comes the checklist.

1. Camera Bag. The one that I have is a slingbag, and its really not suitable to bring. So starting last month Ive been scouting and checking out on web for a new bagpack. At first I thought of buying Lowepro since it is a well known brand and has the AW (all weather) range. But after I looked at few models, I felt that it was a lil too bulky for me. Window-shopped around somemore, and finally I decided to settle for this wonderful Kata bag. I first saw it at Keat Camera, they are offering me at RM385. Looked online at Shashinki and Yamiya, sama jugak around RM385+. Checked out YL, its only RM330 and ada stock! so I went there and grabbed one. Tak sabar punya pasal, I have packed my equipment in.. hehehe -CHECK!

*gambar not clear cos taken with my lousy phone camera.
2. Cari Rizal's backpack. We were told that we need to take a boatride and carry the bags along to the hotel. Knowing that, then of course tamau la bring those suitcases kinda bag.

3. Buy socks. Long thick socks. To avoid the pacats. This one I need to buy. Going to soxshop tomorrow.

4. Insect Repellent. Also takde. Need to buy

5. Extra Batteries for flash

6. Flashlight

7. Gamecards

8. First Aid Kit

9. Small Knife

10. Swimming clothes

11. Memory Card for camera - Since I am not taking my notebook so need a big memory card. Just in case my 2GB + 1GB is not enough. I doubt it, but since I was already in LowYatt to scout for the bag might as well just buy the memory card. It was a pretty good deal, luckily I went around few shops before buying. I got my 4GB Toshiba SD at only RM36, while some shop quoted as expensive as RM70 just for a Sandisk and nonbrand. Shopname is BintangMaju, LotUG23 if u want to also buy one. -CHECK!

12. Raincoat/the pink jacket


13. I didnt realise that a lot of the activities in Taman Negara also revolves around the river and water, thought mainly will be in the jungle. So, I highly recommend you to also bring along Sunscreen for all those water activities.