Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edge of Darkness

As always, I find it difficult to find time to blog about my daily doings. Same goes with this post. I actually have watched this movie last week, but only today I find the time to write about it.

Btw, I have also decided that I am going to just combine my movie blog (which never have materialised in the first place) in here. I have a feeling that I wont be able to blog about ALL of the movies I watch but we'll see.

Anyway last week we catched Edge of Darkness, just the night before Rizal left for Korea. Starred by Mel Gibson, it is about a father who lost his daughter right infront of his eyes.

The movie starts by showing flashbacks of a lil girl playing by the beach. She is Emma, the daughter of Tom Craven (Mel Gibson) who is a senior detective with the police force. Then it snapped back to the present and showed young Emma coming home to dad - taking a short break from work. It goes on showing some father daughter moments. I think the mum has passed away.

It doesnt take long before the movie sees some action. Emma looks sick, throwing up at the dinner table so both of them were scrambling to go to the clinic. The moment they opened the door, a car came by really fast, shouted Craven and shot Emma.

See, I knew from the trailers that Emma's death was to do with something she did. So it was no surprise for me that Tom found out that Emma's death was not because of him (contrary to the police force's theory where Tom was the target and they mistakenly hit Emma instead)

Anyway, as it turned out, Emma was killed because she knew and saw something she wasnt supposed to at the place where she works - a nuclear facility.

I wont spoil it for you and tell you the whole storyline ; basically this movie is about how a father investigates and trying to find out the truth behind her daughter's murder. Whats satisfying about this movie is that all the bad guys got killed, and more so, killed by the disstressed father himself.

Overall I would rate it 8 over 10. Though we know what is the storyline, the movie manage to keep us guessing (of the reason WHY she was killed). Mel Gibson as always is an excellent actor. There were some adrenaline moments, sad and of course funny moments too.
The Verdict: Highly recommended. * Sideline gossips: I wonder why it wasnt making headlines though. Could it be because Mel Gibson's blatant dislikes of Jews? in fact this movie was funded by BBC and some UK based company. Word has it that he was shunned by those big producers in the US becuase of the controversy over his anti-semites outburst... hmm...