Saturday, March 06, 2010

Everybody's Fine (movie)

Last night we watched the movie Everybody's Fine starring by Robert De Niro.

Its been a long time since a movie would tug my heart, and this movie did.

It was a beautiful story about how a father trying to rekindle family ties with his drifting children. It had started on Robert De Niro mowing the gardens, taking out the garden tables and chairs, buying the very best of everything from meat to wine to even BBQ pit.

All is set. Then, one after one calls came in from the kids saying that they couldnt make it.

Parent being parent, he decided if the kids cant come to him, he would go to them.

This is where it started to be heart-wrenching. Against his Doctor's order, he went ahead anyway to take the long trip to New York to see his son David. Waited and waited at the doorstep of the apartment, but not a sight of David.
Eventually, he left after leaving a note under David's door.

He then went on to his daughter's. She is a successful advertiser. He arrived but no sooner she is already making excuses for him not to stay. And there of course he observed the heaty moments between his grandson and his son inlaw.

It went on like that with his next stop, all his kids making excuses of not be able to accomodate his stay, and at the same time he discovers all the picture perfect life they painted to him were actually not true.

As a subplot, David is actually arrested for drugs in Mexico, hence why he is nowhere to be seen when De Niro went to his New York apartment; while all his children were like avoiding him cos they do know what to say to him, was also afraid to let slip of David's arrest and was so afraid that they would let him down.

This movie was so beautifully played, as always De Niro is an excellent actor, the movie really potrayed a parent's feeling. Needless to say I was moved to tears at some parts while watching it. Rasa kesian and rindu to Mama and ayah, and at the same time rasa so guilty for not able to be there more often for them. I was silently praying in my heart for Allah to make me a filial daughter, and to make me be one that would always make them happy and feel cared and loved for. Insyaallah

The sad father