Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sotong Grill Portugese

Tonight we have nothing else in the freezer except Sotong, burgers and sausage. I dont really feel like eating heavy but at the same also tarak idea what to make.

Anyway as usual I turn to internet to find interesting recipe. And... suddenly teringat that delicious Ikan Pari Portugese I frequented at Pavillion. So I decided to make it.

Searched somemore for recipe, this time with specific one in mind. Jumpa la this one resipi:

1 ekor ikan siakap (jun guna ikan pari)
3 sudu besar cili kering kisar
2 buah keras-kisar
6 biji bawang merahkisar
2 ulas bawang putih-kisar
1 serai-kisar
sedikit lengkuas-kisar
3 daun limau purut-hiris
3 sudu makan minyak bawang putih(cara2 kat bawah)
1 sudu penuh garam
1 sudu penuh gula
foil (jun letak daun pisang sket)

untuk minyak bawang putih-ambil 6 ulas bawang putih, tumbuk ngan kulit2nya (jun, buang kulit dia..heheh). panaskan 1/2 cawan minyak, tumis bawang putih tadi hingga garing. sejukkan.
ikan dibersihkan, kelar2 sket. campurkan semua bahan kisar bersama garam n gula. letak ikan atas foil, gaul ngan campuran bahan kisar tadi. tuang minyak bawang putih n tabur daun limau. tutup foil n bakar hingga masak.

Original recipi taken from here

Anyway, so I try la... tapi with a lil modification. I dun have daun limau purut and sengkuas so I skipped those. I also added a bit of udang kering since the one at Pavi ada taruk.

So here's my ingredients:

The sotong


These you blend (I usually slice first so it'll blend well)

Dun forget the Udg Kering. Kalau yg macam Pavi tu, they just put in just like that, but I decide to blend it together.

I dont have a Griller, so pakai Grill Pan je la

STEP ONE: Slice the Sotong

STEP TWO: Add in the blended stuff, oil (3 sudu), pinch of salt and sugar

STEP THREE: Gaul2 together

STEP FOUR: Wrap it with Foil

STEP FIVE: After a while, bukak sikit to let it cook

And my final verdict..?

1. Sangat pedas. So I must reduce the chilli
2. Tak cukup masam. So I must add a bit more asam (but maybe sebab Lime dah abis pakai yellow lemon)
3. Maybe should add a bit of belacan, cos its quite bland
4. Udang kering tu I think next time takyah blend but just put in kot.

So overall... can eat la.. but definitely a lot to improve.