Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today is wednesday

which means its Pasar Malam day!

You know I havent been to pasar malam for ages before this. Agaknya last time I went was like I'm 12 or so. Anyhoot, Taman Maluri have one every wednesday, so after we moved here about a year ago, we came across the Pasar Malam and decided to check it out. And ever since then, I am like hooked to it.. sengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigisengihnampakgigi

Okay so what is so great about Pasar Malam? One thing, you can get good bargain. Second, convinience - you get like all things jumbled in one place. Three, takyah pikir nak makan or masak apa today sebab ada banyak choice kat Pasar malam.. hehe

Nevertheless, strange as it may seem - given the fact that there is just so much variety of things sold there, I always ended up with about the same things every week. Nak tahu tak apa..

1. Jagung bakar (yep its on of my fav food)
2. Bihun Soup (this one kadang2 bihun soup, kadang2 laksa but both at same stall)
3. Fresh veggie

Kadang2, I would get apam balik. This one also have always been my favorite.. and kat mana lagi nak dapat apam balik kan kalau tak kat Pasar Malam/Pasar Tani.. hehe

Anyway. That is not what I wanted to blab about, today I bought ingredient for tomorrows dinner. Tak tahu lagik nak cook apa, but most likely meatballs + mushroom pasta

So the things I bought today:
1. meatballs
2. button mushroom
3. coriander leaves

dan lain2..

So peeps, we'll see what turns out tomorrow. Ta!

Lemons and lime pun beli jugak.... (missed my nikkie, havent been taking any good pix lately..)