Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thai Fish Cake (Tod Mun Pla)

I fell inlove with Thai fish cake was when I was studying in Sydney. This friend of ours (of Thai origin but born and bred aussie) whose parent runs Thai restaurant in North Sydney have been generous to provide us with authentic Thai food. Every now and then, when we were studying or doing our group assignments, he would order in food from his parents restaurant. One of the must-haves was Thai fishcake.

After coming back here, I noticed that most of our local Tomyam restaurant (yg bukak malam2 tu) dont have it on their menu. Only the posh dine in ones like Sri Ayutthaya have them, usually as starters. But the price... er.. lets just say, not really the kinda money I would want to pay for the 2-3 miserable pieces.

Anyway, since it is not easy to come by, I thought I would try and make it myself, since I have one siakap been sitting in my freezer for more than two weeks already and no longer fresh enough for steam fish. So dengan gigihnya I went on the net to search the recipe for Thai Fish Cake, or Tod Mun Pla (in thai).

There are quite a number of recipes found, ranging from as easy as 2-3 ingredients to complicated ones with one whole page of steps and ingredients. I decided to mix and match the recipe, keeping the main ingredients (which found on most recipe) and adding here and there.

What I came up with:

Blend well:
-white fish flesh (taken whole from Siakap)
-corn flour, about 2 teaspoons
-1 beaten egg
-kaffir lime leaves (2-3 pieces, sliced thinly before blend)
-roughly chopped coriander leaves
-thinly sliced lemon grass (very little, like 6-7 slices)
-tumeric powder (1 1/2 teaspoon)
-cilipadi 2 biji (sliced thinly)

Once it was blended well, add in the thinly sliced green bean.

Make it into balls, and then flatten before frying in pan

And the result.... Wallla....


Me: 'hmmm.. not bad.. at least the taste is there'

rizal said ...' wow.. i'm impressed...'

So I guess jadi la jugak my first attempt of Thai fish cake. Next time boleh cuba lagi, and perfecting it.

p/s sorry I didnt snap any photos of the cooking process, kitchen and me were quite messy, plus I wasnt sure if it turned out alright. Next I promise there will be photos, and exact measurements of the ingredients. Yg kat atas tu, main hentam je...