Monday, July 12, 2010

iPad... where art thou?

I want an iPad!!!!!!!

Hisham came over last weekend and I asked him to bring along his iPad. Best sungguh jadi Hisham ni, ada je dapat all sorts of sponsored gadget. Maybe I should ask him to sell it to me. But then, I need to save money.... Hmm. Camana tu.

Anyway, after seeing and holding it meself, I was surprised to find that it is smaller than what I thought. For some reason I actually thought that it is like an A4 size. Anyway, so it is slightly smaller than I thought but it is still a good size. Especially to browse internet and read books. I didnt try playing game cos he didnt have any games on his. So I cant say much of how it would be though I have a feeling that it would be even better than ipod touch.

The beauty of ipad is that you can actually connect using 3G and wifi. So if I have a sim, I can practically access from anywhere. Even at Yusof, on the road, anywhere. Lovely!