Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ikan Belah Belakang

This is an updated post.

I have made some changes here and there, and this is the latest one that I used and quite like

The measurements are good for about 5 pieces of cencaru fish.

Cili merah x 6
cili boh - 1 tablespoon
Bawang kecil x 5
bawang putih x 3
Belacan - 1.5 inch (using the belacan in rectangle shape abt 10 cm slice)
lemongrass x 2
tumeric powder - 1 tablespoon
garam 2 sudu garam
air asam - 5 tablespoon
halia - 0.5 inch
gula - just a bit (i put about less than half of the scoop)

No added water just blend all above except cili boh. I added it after and mix well

For some reason, I am in cooking mood lately.

So Today I tried to make Ikan Belah Belakang, all by myself. After observing mama making it the other day, i am more confident to try it.

Here is what I prepared for the stuffing (Recipe below sufficient for 2 medium sized Cencaru.

1. 3 pcs of red chillies
2. 4 pcs of dried chillies
3. 2 pcs onions
4. 1/2 in belacan
5. 1 pc lemongrass (sliced thinly)
6. 1 teaspoon tumeric powder
7. salt to taste (i put in 3/4 pinkspoon)
8. Air asam about 2 tablespoons

Blend the above (WITHOUT WATER), or better still, pound them. I was lazy so I just throw it all in the blender. U should expect it to be a bit course, as there is (very)little liquid. But that is what we are trying to achieve, too much water will make frying more difficult.

Once blended, stuff in the fish.

Fry with low fire to start with, just to ensure that the fish is cooked inside out(The cencaru fish has thick skin). Once you think it is cooked inside, turn up the fire. I personally prefer it garing-garing and burnt a bit.

No pix taken, cos I wasnt sure if the recipe works or not.

Rizal's rate: 8 out of 10. His comments maybe need to add in a bit more bawang tumbuk kasar2.

My observation: taste ok, the lemongrass gave it a crunchiness and nice flavor, mixed with the belacan. Next time i think i would cut the lemongrass even more thinner, and I think I should fry it with more oil. Apart from that I think I almost perfected it.