Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My cheating guide to Crème caramel

In my previous post on how to make Crème caramel, I was given the original recipe to make it right from scratch.

But being hopeless and malas, so here I come with a new post on how to make crème caramel in shortcut.

So, what you need this time - of course - a Caramel mix

I bought this one in Abu Dhabi, it is sooo cheap over there, it costs me only around RM1 for this box. Menyesal tak beli banyak2... cos it is actually quite nice and sooo easy to make. All you need is the mix and 500ml of fresh milk.

Inside the mix you should have two sachet, one is the sugar and the other is the mix

Start with heating the milk (btw for this particular mix I need 500ml but you should check on the box of the one you buy to know how many ltrs of milk you need).

heat in low fire tau

When it is lightly boiled, add in the mix

kacau- kacau.... kasi mix well

When it is lightly boiled, turn off the fire.

Prepare the bowls. I am opting for small bowls so that I dont have to eat all in one go. My Fluff tak suka makan, so kena makan sorang2 huhuhu

Put in bit of the sugar/syrup in the bowl

Then add in the creme caramel on top

Finally, keep cool. I put it in the fridge... cepat and ready to eat in 20 mins.