Monday, November 28, 2011

Begedil - FAILED!!

I tried to make begedil with the mince meat made earlier.

Result: FAILED!!!

I couldnt get the texture that I wanted, somehow the potato was too soft and it didnt hold very well.

The way I made it:
3 x potato
mince meat (didnt measure- a handful maybe?)
daun sup (chopped thinly)
mix all three above, and made patty with flour, beaten eggs and then mix with flour again.

I forgot:
- to put white pepper
- to salt the potato (I put salt on the water I used to boil, and on the flour only)

Anyway, it wasnt disastrous - still edible, but didnt look appetizing and was a bit too gooey to my taste.

Based on further research on recipe, I found that:
Tips #1: I need to turn the begedil around often when frying (thats why mine blacken so quickly i think)

Tips #2: I boiled my potato, some recipe fry the potato instead

So I will try again, armed with more petua2.. hopefully it will menjadi..

btw, photos takde, sebab lupa nak ambik..