Thursday, November 24, 2011

I can mince my own meat!!

Who would have thought, the very thing that I wanted has been sitting prettily on its ass all the while in my cabinet..

You know I had the hand blender for as long as I can remember. I took it from mama's home when I first moved out, which was like 15 years ago?

I didnt have a blender, and mama had this hand blender - still in its box (presumably from one of the golfing prize Ayah had won) so I took it with me. Konon nak pakai la, as substitute to blender.

Never really used it (actually never really cooked), so dudukla mendaallah tu from one house to another, from one cabinet to other. Tak pernah pakai - sebenarnya tatau nak pakai pon... yela, kat mesia suma pakai blender, takde sapapun pakai hand blender ni.

Anyway, so recently during Raya Haji ada org kasi Daging korban, sampai 3 bags. Dont know what to do with it, I thought would have been nice to be able to mince it, and make begedil ke, karipap ke... or spaghetti.

I was gonna use the standard blender. I googled to see if we can blender meat to make it mince.

Sekali, on one of the hits keluarla youtube Braun Hand blender - which is capable to mince the meat.

Hoolllaaaa.... and i thought to myself. Hang on. I have that thing in my cabinet (or kotak - since baru pindah kan) somewhere. Balik2 from work terus selongkar cari the hand blender.

Dah jumpa hand blender, lepas tu defrost meat, and test.

And yes, it can blend meat.. Seronoknya like nobody's business.

See??? my hand blender & and the minced meat. Sweet. :)

NEXT: to make my own smoothie...