Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pineapple jelly with strawberry toppings

Next door neighbor is having a raya open house, I didnt have the time nor the right stuff to prepare something more substantial.

Anyway Mr Fluff thought its not necessary to bring anything since it is an open house, but being rumah sebelah i feel its just good gesture to come with something rather than empty handed.

And desserts is as good as any, and it takes minimal effort, and very little time to make.

What you need:
- one packet of agar2
- water 1400ml
- coloring (i didnt hv any hence the pale color)
- mix fruit (i only use pineapple & cherry)
- sugar (i use about 1 cup, can reduce if prefer less sweet)

The method:
1. Just boil water with the agar2
2. Add sugar and coloring once boil
3. Stir until all dissolve
4. Turn off fire

In the serving casserole:
1. Put in the mix fruit - arrange sporadic

2. Pour the agar2 mix

3. Cool room temperature until less heaty (abt 5 mins)

4. Cool in refrigerator until serving time

Note: i didnt hvae any coloring hence the garnishing of strawberry on top to make up for it.