Saturday, September 29, 2012

Midnight Sun


I was almost giddy with excitement when I realised what Midnight Sun was. I could not stop smile, ear to ear, and I was really really wishing that it was the weekend already where I can take it slow and read letter by letter, line by line, without ever needing to stop.

Edward was never really my favorite character, I somehow prefer Jacob because he was funnier. Yes, I do have a thing with joker/funny guys. Edward, while he is sweet and very gentlement, is just too patronising to my liking.

But whoa... After reading the midnight sun, I understood him more, and I came to like him a bit whole lot more. I now see him clearly, and after seeing the conflicts and thoughts in his mind, I came to appreciate and like him more. He actually sounded normal, unlike in twilight - where he appears to be like too worldly-goody-two-shoes. 

It was a journey on its own, seeing him trying to understand all those unknown feelings. Knowing what his life was like before Bella- or i should say lack of life.  He never knew what love felt like, never knew the intensity of jealousy could bring, never knew what happiness really meant. And to see his rage, when he was jealous or protecting Bella from harm was endearing. Not forgetting when he tries so hard trying to understand Bella was quite comical. Stalking her without her realising, ignoring all those risks and making all sorts of vampire faux pas,  like walking in the sun just trying to peek her book when she was asleep or when he did all those surveillance - anxious about wanting so much for Bella to also like him.. I then finally understood why he was like that in Twilight. 

It is nice to know that he doesnt always hold it together, and he too are battling with insecurities and he struggles too like each one of us, and he has a darker side.

It is enlightening, to say the least.

In short I no longer see him as the annoyingly perfect creature Bella seem to have potrayed him to be, but instead I see him like the heartthrob everyone else seem to think he is :)))

Honestly, I don't know myself anymore...... (drooling mode on)... :D

Note: midnight sun is a partial rough draft of Stephenie Meyer's book which was leaked online. It was meant to be Twilight companion book- the tale re-tell in Edwards view instead of Bella. 

I am not going to post it here , out of respect for the author, but if you are interested in reading it, i think u can find it on Stephenie's official website.

I do hope that she would finish it, cos I enjoyed reading what little of it way way to much. :)

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