Monday, September 09, 2013

Char Kuey Teow

Dah lama nak try masak Char Kuey Teow ni but somehow never got around to it.

Dulu ada beli this fridge magnet with char kuey teow recipe and it has been there punya la lama, and each time bukak fridge I thought to myself, bila la nak buat ni...  Dah bertahun kot punya lama finally now baru nak buat, though tak ikut recipe dia cos macam too many ingredients (ni kes malas nak buat groceries shopping).

So I improvise (read cincai-ing) and ikut sesedap rasa instead:

1 packet of kuey teow (450 g)
1 tbl sp cili boh
Oil (abt 3 or 4 spoons)
Oystersauce 1 tblsp
A dash of light soy sauce
Abt 3 tblsp soy sauce (the likes of tamin/ habhal - i didnt hv dark soy sauce)
3 cloves garlic - crush
Taugeh - i like them a lit so i put in about 2 handful
6 large sized prawn
1 handful Cockles 
3 eggs

The method:

Note * make sure all ingredients are ready and handy cause u need to be fast because of the high heat. Which is why no picca as well, no time :p

Over absolute high heat, add in oil
When its hot, add in garlic
Stir, the add in almost immediately ciliboh
Add in oyster sauce, soy sauces
Add a bit of water if its too thick
Stir, then add in cockles, prawns
When prawn is half cooked add in the kuey teow
Toss it well so that the sauce is all even. I add in a bit of water to help it spread a bit
Once mixed well, add taugeh and chives
Add salt to taste
Lastly, put in the eggs 

Thats it!

Bon appettite