Friday, September 06, 2013

Korean Gaga

OK, I am not usually the biggest fan of Korean shows though once I watched a series I would usually got hooked.

My first introduction to Korean dramas were during the Winter Sonata era, which was like gazillion years ago. Masa tu blog pun belum ada ok. I cant remember how I came about it, since I hardly watch other channels on astro apart from Movies and Variety. What I remember was that (as usual), the theme song got my attention. I started watching because the theme song moved me. And starting from there I was watching it diligently every day. It was a good show, a sad story but a very very long show. I think it was the first time so I felt that it was so long and meleret2 but I enjoyed it nevertheless cause I so loved the OST.

Though after a while I started making jokes about the heroin crying at every single episodes. Like seriously, when she's happy she cries what more when she's sad.

Anyhow I didnt watch much Korean after that, mainly because it takes too much time. Its tiring to get to the finish line.

Every now and then however friends would tell me good shows that they watch and I watch them - but not so diligently. The thing is with these Korean shows you need to watch a few episodes before you get to the point where you would not be able to stop. They are good at stopping at places that made you eager to know whats happening next. Though most of the time its so anticlimax sebab turned out it wasnt anything. 

Then comes Maaduu. Team it with Unifi - you are in (korean) heaven. Which is the point of this entry.

I recently watched this show, and if you have not seen it, you really should. The translated title is When a man loves.

 By far I think its one of the best show Ive seen. I love the fact that the scenes are well defined and the jokes are real, unlike most others which usually very slapstick to the point that I want to smack their head. Of course there are the usual plot of memory loss after an accident - a favorite with Korean shows. Like honestly I think ALL the ones I watched have memory loss incidents. Dont know why.

I loved this show so much that I watched the ending and few of the episodes a few times, and have a writing board in my home as well. I thought it was sooo novel what they did :)

So peeps. If you havent watch it, maaduu it and I promise you, you wont regret it :)