Monday, July 14, 2014


Let me tell you about the start of my love affair with Mr Apam Balik.

When I was schooling, My grandma used to take me to this pasar tani, which starts as early as 4pm.

Its a weekly affair, every tuesday, and each time after collecting me from school, we would make a pitstop at this pasar tani. And every week as well, i would be buying apam balik.

Now, I havent realised how much I actually liked apam balik. Its sort of always there, and boleh je lah kalau nak beli kat mana2. And most of the time, rasa pun quite ok kat mana2 pun. Except ada kedai kedekut the fillings, ada kedai generous sikit.

Anyhow, jarangla nak ada cravings for apam balik. In fact after school, I think I hardly eat apam balik. 

Until recently. When I used to go to pasar malam at Tmn Maluri. I think thats when I rediscovered my love for apam balik.

Macam suddenly I terjumpa old flames. Haha. Sungguh over.

So now. Its bulan puasa, and out of nowhere tetiba teringin nak makan apam balik.

I have been looking for it at both nearby pasar ramadhan, and tak jumpa jugak apam balik. Like, suddenly every one has no interest in apam balik anymore, and semua sibuk nak jual all the complicated and hard-to-find kuih muih instead.

U name it, nasi kerabu ada.. Nasi tomato ada, kuih lagi lah memacam ada.. Tapi apam balik, takde. Apam balik yg usually ada je kat mana2, boleh disappear from the face of the earth during ramadhan.

How la like this? 

Kena tunggu lepas raya la nampaknya