Friday, September 24, 2010


We went to Kinokuniya last night cos Rizal wanted to get this one hard-to-get book. I didnt really believe him, cos I thought he was just being dramatic, but true enough, there was only one copy left AND the book was already looking worn.

As the condition of the book is no longer tip top, I asked if we could get a discount. I was expecting like 30% off or something in that raange, but guess what,after that back and forth trip consulting the store manager, all we managed to squeeze is a teeny meeny discount - like 5%. Hello...??? a big huge bookstore, and all you could manage were 5%? I wouldnt have taken it, but this is my other half we are talking about. He couldnt have cared less, as long as the book is readable, he's happy.

Anyhoot, trips to the bookstore wouldnt be complete without buying books, ay? I could rarely resist buying books (or anything else for that matter), always using the tax rebate as excuses ;). Good thing, Rizal feels the same thing, so he usually encourages me to get one or two books as well.

What I hate about Kinokuniya is that their books are all wrapped up. So I cant read it before I purchase it. (the irony of it kan, all the books berbalut bagai, and yet the very one book we wanted to get were not in good condition pun)

WOthout being able to flip the pages to see if the book is intresting or not, I am left with looking at synopsis and reviews on the cover. Which for Kino's sake is actually a good thing, cos I ended up having to buy the book to know, rather than reading a bit to know if its any good.

Anyway, my loot is as below.


At the time of this updated review I have read gatecrasher and had this sense of dejavu, as if I have read it or seen iyt on the movies. The ending and middle part of the book didnt ring a bell so I must have flicked through it at Borders. What interests me with this book is that it is written by same writer as the Shopoholic series. She goes under different name previuosly, and as I have always enjoyed her books before I decided to give it a try.
It wasnt disappointing as I finish reading it within 2 days. Very light and suitable for leisure reading during vacations!