Wednesday, September 29, 2010

phone calls

Here is a real business conversation I had this mroning.

Me: "Hello, may I speak to 'so and so'?"

Him: "Who is this???" (in a huff tone)

I was thinking. Erkk??? Did i get the wrong number.. ? so i said in uncertain voice

Me: "sorry, I may have dialled the wrong number, is this 01X-XXX XXX?"

Him: "yes, Who is this??"

By that time I was really perplexed, I did dial the right number, but obviously not getting the right person. Then I thought maybe someone else picked up his phone. So I asked politely again

Me: "Sorry, may I speak to 'En So and So'?"

Him in annoyed tone: " yes This is 'So and So' , Who is this??"

aaaah... so finally, it was indeed the right person and right number. Except that his angry "who is this" really throws me off..  I mean, who answers their phone like that? Shouldnt you be saying yes this is blah blah blah... IN A NICE TONE  ???  Sheesshhhh... !