Thursday, August 22, 2013

Simple Chic

When I saw these throw pillows, I finally have a bit of idea what kind of look I want for the music room.

The 'Simple Chic' look.

I am thinking perhaps I can pair it with rugs like this:

And have some colorful paintings / pictures on the wall.

The only thing I cant figure out yet is the curtains. Few options I am considering:

1. Use similar/repeat pattern of one of the throw pillow. But it means Ive gotta choose a dominant color/ pattern

2. Custom made the curtains to combine the colors. Quite like this one though may not be ideal since i dont want  the window to be focal point

3. Go with the wall color. Most sensible one, but it will make the room looks bland. Too safe, not enough cheekiness.

The biggest challenge is to find it locally, without costing me arms and legs.

AND Not to mention, how do I keep it from hubs, cause he would say HECK NO for sure... Haha

Good luck to me.